Lesson Three

Theme: Called to Spiritual Fatherhood
Topic: God’s Plan for Priests

Students will describe how a man becomes a priest through Holy Orders. They will reflect on the ways priests serve the Church.

Additional Student / Classroom Resources

Video: Jesus and the Fishermen

(11 mins.) movie clip for 3rd grade

Video: Jesus Calls the Fishermen

(4 mins.) movie clip for 3rd grade

Video: Fishers of Men

(18 min) This inspirational documentary portrays the strength and beauty of the Catholic priesthood.

Holy Orders Notebook activity

A printable which helps students understand the different stages and duties of the clergy

Resources for Parents & Teachers

Catechism Icon

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catechism of the Catholic Church: especially paragraphs 1539-1571

computer icon

Link: Resources from USCCB

Resources for schools on how to promote vocations to the priesthood.

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