Décor Carmeli

Decor Carmeli Highschool Girls

Discovering Beauty – Inspiring Generosity

What is Dēcor Carmeli?

Dēcor Carmeli is Latin for “Beauty of Carmel” which is a title of our Blessed Mother and this title is very special in Carmel. She teaches us how to love Jesus with our whole heart, which makes our soul radiate with love for the whole world to see. Mary helps us to discover our own beauty and she inspires us to serve others with generosity.

Join the Sisters and other young ladies (13-17 years old) for a day filled with service, faith and friendship. For more information on how to register, parents are encouraged to fill out the contact form below.

*Service hours can be completed through this program*

Upcoming Dates:

Saturday, December 4
Saturday, January 22
Saturday, March 19
Saturday, April 23
Saturday, May 7 (Breath of Spring luncheon)
Saturday, May 8 (May Crowning and Mother’s Day)

Location: Sacred Heart Retreat House
920 E Alhambra Road
Alhambra, CA 91801

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Decor Carmeli Highschool Girls
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