Lesson Four

Theme: Consecrated for Christ
Topic: God’s Plan for Religious

Students will explain that religious belong to Jesus in a special way. They will recall that consecrated persons are called by Christ to follow him more closely. Students will list and explain the vows.

Additional Student / Classroom Resources

DVD: For Love Alone

“For Love Alone” DVD (18 mins)- Available on itunes and at Amazon.com – Opens the audience to the lives of modern women who have responded to a personal call to follow Jesus Christ, with the gift of their lives.

Resources for Parents & Teachers

Catechism Icon

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catechism of the Catholic Church: especially paragraphs 1539-1571

computer icon


Website with information about and pictures of many religious communities

Video: For Love Alone Trailer

1.5 video introduction to For Love Alone

Video: Light of Love

60 min video that introduces sisters of several communities. The audience is able to get an in-depth look into the life and vocation of these sisters.