Stages of Formation

We want to belong totally to Christ. It is our desire to be available for radical discipleship in faithfully living our vocation as Carmelites in service of His Church. This lifelong transformation in Christ begins with one’s interior commitment and is carried out through successive stages of formation.

The purpose of the candidacy is two-fold: to provide a time of serious discernment regarding a possible vocation to our community and to provide the applicant with a deeper and practical understanding of the Carmelite charism as lived out by our community.

Candidacy lasts from 1-2 years.

Meet some of our Candidates and get a glimpse into Candidacy…

The purpose of the postulancy is to deepen the postulants’ awareness of their personal consecration to Christ through their personal commitment to prayer, doctrinal study and communal living.

Postulancy lasts for 6-9 months.

The principal purpose of the novitiate is to introduce the novices to the essential requirements of the religious life especially to greater charity through the practice of the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience, which they will later profess. It gives the novices a greater understanding of their divine vocation and of their vocation to our Institute.

The Novitiate lasts for two years.

By religious profession we assume by public vows the observance of the three evangelical counsels of obedience, chastity and poverty, are consecrated to God through the ministry of the Church and are incorporated into our Institute with the rights and obligations defined in Canon Law and in our Constitutions.

Formation continues during temporary vows. The first years strengthen a life of union with God, a sense of belonging to our Institute, and gradually introduce each sister to the works of our apostolates.

Temporary vows lasts for 6 years.

By perpetual profession, made in accordance with the directives of the Church, we declare that we desire to give ourselves totally to God forever in the service of others according to our Teresian charism, the spirit of Mother Luisita and our Constitutions.

Perpetual profession constitutes a radical commitment for life which must determine all our subsequent choices. Forever.

Our religious profession lived in fidelity to God in the spirit of Carmel and of our Mother Foundress demands continuous self-formation. As Carmelites we seek in all things ~ in apostolic activities, in prayer, in study and at times dedicated to them ~ purity of intention and charity toward God and toward all.

We stand upon the shoulders of the sisters who have gone before us.

May they rest in peace.