Novena to Saint Joseph

March 19 is a very blessed day in Carmel because we celebrate the Solemnity of St. Joseph!  Carmelites love St. Joseph.  St. Teresa of Avila expressed her devotion to him, saying,  “I would persuade everyone to be devoted to this glorious saint… for he gives very real help to souls who commend themselves to him.”  We regard St. Joseph as the Protector of the Order. As you join us in prayer for this beautiful novena, may you grow closer to St. Joseph who desires to protect, guide, and offer his spiritual fatherhood to you.

The Novena to Saint Joseph
(March 10 – 18)

Heavenly Father, You entrusted Your Son to the care of St. Joseph. By these days of preparation for his feast, may we learn to imitate his complete trust in You and his fidelity in carrying out Your most holy will. We ask this through Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

V. The Lord has put His faithful servant in charge of His household.
R. Teach us, St. Joseph, to be good and faithful servants of the Lord.

(Here make your petition.)

V. Let us pray:
All. Almighty, Eternal God, with unselfish love, St. Joseph cared for Your Son, born of the Virgin Mary. May we also serve You with pure hearts and willing hands. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

Novena Daily Meditations

Click on the images below to pray the daily meditation for each day.

Novena | Day 1

“Saint Joseph, our father and lord, is a teacher of the interior life. Place yourself under his patronage and you’ll feel the effectiveness of his power.” ~St. Josemaria Escriva

St. Joseph, Model of Fathers and Protector of Families, pray for us!

Novena | Day 2

“Make [St. Joseph] responsible for the protection of your person, he who saved the life of his Savior.” ~Blessed William Joseph Chaminade

St. Joseph, Guardian of the Pure in Heart, pray for us!

Novena | Day 3

“Let us allow ourselves to be filled with St. Joseph’s silence! In a world that is often too noisy, that encourages neither recollection nor listening to God’s voice, we are in such deep need of it.”

St. Joseph, Most Prudent, pray for us!

Artwork: Photo taken at St. Peter’s Church, Old Jaffa, Holy Land

Novena | Day 4

“Go to Joseph with extreme confidence because I do not remember having asked anything from St. Joseph without having obtained it readily.”  ~St. Padre Pio

St. Joseph, Most Faithful, pray for us!

Artwork: Artist Unknown

Novena | Day 5

St. Zelie recounts how St. Therese was miraculously healed through the intercession of St. Joseph:

“I knelt at the feet of St. Joseph, and I asked him for the grace of healing for the little one, while resigning myself to God’s will. I do not often cry, but I was crying as I prayed. The baby was nursing vigorously. She spit up a bit and fell back as though dead on her wet nurse. Everyone was stunned. I felt my blood run cold. The baby wad no visible breath. But she was so calm, so peaceful, that I thanked God for having her die so gently. Then a quarter of an hour went by, and my little Therese opened her eyes and started to smile.”

St. Joseph, Hope of the Sick, pray for us!

Artwork: Artist Unknown

Novena | Day 6

“Jesus granted to [St. Joseph] the special privilege of safeguarding the dying against the snares of Lucifer, just as he had also saved [Jesus] from the schemes of Herod.” ~St. Alphonsus Ligouri 

St. Joseph, Patron of a Happy Death, pray for us!

Artwork: Patron of the Dying by Enrique Ortiz located at the Shrine of St. Joseph, Santa Cruz, CA

Novena | Day 7

“It is a great blessing for souls to be under the protection of [St. Joseph] whose name makes demons tremble and flee.” ~Blessed Bartolo Longo 

St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, pray for us!

Artwork: Angélica Mendoza ن

Novena | Day 8

“I am astonished at the great favors which God has bestowed on me through this blessed saint, and at the perils from which he has delivered me, both in body and in soul.” ~St. Teresa of Avila 

St. Joseph, Protector of the Order of Carmel, pray for us!

Artwork: Artist Unknown

Novena | Day 9

“Just as St. Joseph took loving care of Mary and dedicated himself to Jesus, he likewise watches over and protects the Church” ~St. John Paul II 

St. Joseph, Protector of the Holy Church, pray for us!

Artwork: Art: St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, Artist: Gabrielle Schadt (2019).
Commissioned by Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC.