Sister Jeannine Marie, O.C.D.

Many of you, I am sure, have sat patiently and listened to the flight attendants give you all the safety tips before your flight. “Please adjust your own mask before helping other’s with theirs.” Family life is filled with practical tips of all kinds. Like things your Grandfather always said at the Thanksgiving meal. We would like to share with you some spiritual tips from these “words of wisdom” we all know.

  • Change your oil monthly – We all need a spiritual “tune-up” how about confession monthly?
  • Don’t drive on the wrong side of the street – “Dos & don’t” have a place in the spiritual life as well.
    Perhaps some spiritual direction would be helpful.
  • Buckle your seat belt – The spiritual life can be jarring sometimes. Read about the Saints. Their lives can give you a good “road map” for life.
  • Look before you leap – Caution is a good thing even in the spiritual life. Read the Scriptures daily to understand the “game plan.”
  • Don’t touch a hot stove – You don’t need to burn yourself to know it is hot. Just so, in the spiritual life, the means do not justify the end.
  • Look both ways before you cross the street – It is good to know our strengths and weaknesses in planning. Converse with someone you trust in decision making.
  • Wear your helmet when you ride your bike – Put on the armor of God every morning by prayer to brace yourself for a new day.