Thoughts from a Mother’s Heart…

Here is a list of thoughts taken from letters originally written in code by Venerable Mother Luisita during the religious persecution in Mexico when blood ran in the streets, tabernacles were emptied and families were left homeless and penniless. Her words of comfort and hope continue to bring hope and peace to us today as we, too, experience her gift of spiritual motherhood.  

Especially for You
Mother Luisita’s Words of Comfort and Hope.
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Your Prayer Life

My beloved child,

Between Jesus and the soul there flows a current no one can see and a dialogue that no one hears. Form a rich and beautiful tabernacle for Our Lord within your heart and then do not let Him go. In that way you will always have Him within you. Enter within yourself and, meeting Him, tell Him all your experiences. Adore Him within yourself, as if everything were in silence.

How beautiful it is to be in the Hands of God, searching His divine Gaze, in readiness to do whatever He wishes. If you don’t omit prayer, you will find all your answers there. Prayer can do all things. It is our most powerful weapon against the devil and nothing can withstand it or resist it. Therefore, prayer is what will save you from the many dangers surrounding you daily. With courage, trust, and prayer adelante (onward), even if you have to walk among thorns.

Are you becoming a saint? God our Lord has given you a soul for that very purpose. God loves you very much, my child. Correspond to that love, by making acts of humility, especially interiorly. Be truly simple and try to detach yourself from everything that is not God. You’ll be able to do this through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother. Don’t doubt it.

How ardently I wish you to acquire solid virtue. To this end it would help you very much to read The Way of Perfection by St. Teresa of Avila and The Precautions of St. John of the Cross, rather than books of mere sentimentality.

Take time to pray before you make any decision. We all have to become calm before we are able to think. What I mean to say is that we shouldn’t come to any important decision right away. Learn to let some time pass. Take time to pray. Let the sun go down and don’t make the decision until the following day, or even later. Let a minimum of one night pass before you come to any decision.

Love God with all of your soul. Try to be faithful to Him in always, taking into account even the smallest things. Show Him your love by the exact fulfillment of your obligations.

Your prayer should be continual by uplifting your soul to God. May His love be the driving force urging you on in everything you do. My child, reminding yourself of God’s presence within you will lead you into contemplation.

I feel the necessity of prayer. It is my consolation and hope, because without the help of God our Lord, I can do nothing. I become like a dry stick in regard to doing anything good and an explosion of bad weeds grow in my soul whenever I neglect prayer. Do not lose your presence of God, my child, but contemplate it gently within yourself.

That every day may be a day closer to heaven for you is the wish of your mother who is so concerned about you and blesses you.

– Mother Luisita

When You Are Sick

My beloved child,

So, you are sick? My heartfelt desire for you is this-I’m asking our good God to send abundant graces into your soul. Our good God is molding His image in you by means of your sickness. May God our Lord give you peace of soul. Get rid of all of those preoccupations that will only disturb you and harm you.

How much Our Lord loves you! Be assured that this illness that He has given you is nothing more than a proof of His love for you. The isolation in which he has placed you shouldn’t be a cause of sadness for you. Neither should it discourage you. On the contrary, you can profit by it. St. Teresa used to say that it was good for her soul to be isolated because she could become recollected and pray.

Sickness is really terrible. Most of us don’t realize how precious good health is and we aren’t thankful enough for it. Let’s learn to profit not only by the illness, but by all of the discomforts that come along with it as well. That will be a better penance than one of our own choosing. In order to purify our souls of so many stains that make it ugly, we can avail ourselves of enduring our sickness in order to beautify our souls before they present themselves to the good God.

You must not see yourself as being alone. On the contrary, you are more accompanied than ever before because Our Lord is always with those who suffer. Talk to Him. Trust Him with all your sufferings. Tell Him about your doubts and abandon yourself entirely into His Hands. Besides, I can truthfully assure you that by the mere fact that you are suffering this illness, you are bringing down innumerable blessings from Our Lord upon your loved ones and even greater graces to your own soul. Perhaps this illness will be the means of your sanctification and you will not pass through Purgatory. Let us bless our good God in all and for all because He allows everything to happen for our own good.

My child, offer God all your sufferings. God is watching over you and he will not allow you to despair. He loves you very much, but He also wants you to be very generous with Him, too. Knowing this, try to overcome everything. Don’t pay attention to anything that will make you suffer or preoccupy your thoughts. Are you becoming preoccupied thinking about your illness? Don’t be foolish! Rid yourself of those tears and nerves! The only thing they are good for is to destroy you by making you even sicker than what you are and that would be very harmful to you.

Abandon yourself totally to the will of God. Try to distract yourself from your illness and be at peace. Pray very much, a humble prayer filled with trust, asking Our Lord to grant you that grace which you so greatly desire through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother. Try to remain recollected. Humble yourself and meditate on both your present situation and what you are asking God for – that specific grace which you are desiring and hoping to receive as a grace from God.

Mediate upon the love which God our Lord has for you. Think about how you have spent all these past years. Then think about how you would like to live your life from now on. Be sure to meditate very near the tabernacle, peacefully, and without being apprehensive about this or that, because anxiety is bad. It springs from pride. Don’t allow yourself to drown in a drop of water.

You’re all right. You’re all right. Cover yourself well. Take good care of yourself. Look to God, your soul and eternity. All the rest is merely a puff of smoke.

May you have joy, health, and most of all God’s blessings.

– Mother Luisita

Carrying Your Cross

My dear child,

In this life we shouldn’t live without a cross. It is true that wherever we go we will find the cross. And woe to us if it were not so. God our Lord sends us whatever sufferings are beneficial to us so that we may be purified and practice virtue. How could we practice patience if the opportunity to be patient never presented itself? And it is the same with the other virtues. How can we enrich our souls if we never practice any virtue?

According to the love that God has for us and the place He’s destined in heaven for us, He provides us with the means to beautify our souls.

Oh, my child, let us love the cross! Let’s embrace it and see it as the proof of the love of a crucified God. Our Lord Himself will be your reward. You will see what a prize He has prepared for you in exchange for your efforts in your work and for so many things that one suffers in this world.

Wherever we are, we find Calvary and we learn how hard it is to go up that hill, but after we reach the summit, we possess heaven.

Forward, my child. Suffer with joy whatever the good Lord sends you. That’s a very good thing to do. But don’t suffer and complain. No. Not that. God our Lord loves you very much and awaits your little victories with affection. Don’t expect to acquire sanctity in any other way than by conquering yourself and by doing little things which will enable your soul to attain the necessary strength to endure greater troubles. It doesn’t matter if we are trampled upon, if it becomes a means of raising ourselves up closer to God, and once elevated to God, may we remain that way.

We have to be strong and valiant with ourselves and not let suffering get the best of us. All pain is transitory, and as Our Holy Mother Saint Teresa tells us, any pain that is not eternal, is no pain at all. Sometimes it seems as if the crosses are falling from every angle and, indeed, life can seem a long martyrdom. It’s not a matter of dying. Rather, it is a matter of living with contradictions and difficulties. Sometimes heaven itself will turn into bronze, but let nothing disturb you and nothing frighten you.

We grieve when Divine Providence uses the hammer and chisel to polish our souls, turning them into precious stones worthy to enter the building of the heavenly Jerusalem. Suffer, then, and wait. Pray and expect. Whenever we feel tired or exhausted, without strength and longing for a moment of rest…it is a great consolation to be able to say, My troubles resemble those of my Savior. My child, don’t worry. Rather, thank God infinitely for choosing you to follow Him in this manner. Let’s praise Him in everything because all that happens is for our own good.

Try to fulfill your duties the best way you can and do them for God alone. If you examine the lives of the saints, you’ll discover that there is no way to heaven except the road covered with thorns. At every step they pinch us and make us bleed.

Let us bless our good God in every circumstance in our lives, and, smiling, let us look up toward heaven.

– Mother Luisita

Growing in Holiness

My beloved child,

May Jesus be in your soul, my beloved child. Our Lord gives you so many proofs of His love for you, and how I wish that you would correspond to that love. You have to be very grateful and not deny Him anything that He asks of you. Be very generous and love Him with all of your soul, and even more now that He is persecuted so very much. Try to console Him with innumerable acts of love, praying at the same time for our Holy Mother the Church, for the conversion of sinners and making acts of faith for those who have none.

Oh, how much our good God loves you! He has kept your soul for Himself alone! Be grateful to Him and do not, absolutely do not, deny Him anything that He might ask of you and understand that God never allows Himself to be outdone in generosity. Make every effort to inculcate in yourself a spirit of interior recollection, of humility and obedience, of detachment and true charity, and a great love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and for our Blessed Mother, a simple and straightforward spirit. It seems to me that Our Lord is always more pleased with simplicity, never pretending to be something that you are not. More actions, then, than words! Let us all belong to God alone!

May we all acquire solid virtue through the ordinary duties of daily life. Without being puffed-up in any way, let us be humble and observant. Rejoice in being little, humble and simple. Oh, yes, my child. May Divine Love consume your soul. After all, that’s the reason why we are in the world. All the rest is nothing more than a puff of smoke!

Die to yourself that Christ may live in you! Watch out that self-indulgence and inordinate excesses do into enter into your soul. What great harm they do! Toward this end, you’ll need mortification of the senses and continual prayer, but with tranquility by praying short aspirations that you can repeat often. This will be of great benefit to your soul. Again, my recommendation to you is to be simple. Simplicity is a beautiful virtue, one most pleasing to Our Lord. On the other hand, duplicity of any kind doesn’t please Him.

Finally, we have to be patient with ourselves and pray that our defects will help us remain humble. It is by practicing little acts of humiliation that we will become humble, and only then will we no longer suffer. Self-love and pride not only make us suffer, but they breed envy which is a very ugly vice. Still, we shouldn’t become discouraged when we fall, but ask God our Lord for His help. He will lead us to heaven and that is the most important thing for us.

Keep well and be what you are supposed to be-a saint!

– Mother Luisita

Discouragement & Depression

My dear child,

So, you are feeling depressed? And sad? I understand that you are feeling as if your soul is troubled. Is it true? I’d like this letter to be as close as possible to a real face-to-face visit with you.

Ay, my child, I can’t agree with you! You can’t behave like this with God. You tell me you feel as though God has left you and I’m telling you don’t worry for He is there by your side always watching over you. He doesn’t forget you for one single moment. I assure you, He loves you dearly and on his return, for you say He has left you, He’s going to give you everything you need or He will have it sent to you. Just remain faithful to Him. He sometimes seems to test our love. Never forget Him.

Pray. Have a heart-to-Heart talk with Our Lord about how you are feeling and He will give you courage and consolation. Write to Him daily telling Him everything you are going through – whether sadness or joy – but don’t omit anything. Let Him see that you are loving and submissive to Him whatever He ordains. Try to read some little book that will console you. Reading helps very much. It’s an ointment healing all the wounds of our souls which can be even more painful than those of the body.

I know that you might be overwhelmed with sadness right now, but if that state is filling your soul with merit before God, what does it matter if you are deep in sorrow? Sorrow is very natural, but now don’t be foolish. There is no doubt that at times we can be our own worst enemies. Maybe it is because our self-love makes us see little mosquitoes as if they were elephants, or perhaps it might be that we lack submission to the will of God. I do know that this happens when we neglect prayer, mortification, and humility, but if we ask Our Lord for these virtues, we will receive them.

I want you to be happy and at peace in all circumstances of this life, offering Our Lord your sorrows and your joys because everything comes from His loving hand from the good of our souls. So now, don’t allow yourself to become overcome by sadness. Sadness is a most undesirable companion and an even worse advisor. And don’t be thinking so much about the future. The future belongs to God, Who loves us very much and gives us whatever is best for us. You remind me of a little foolish child by thinking so much and then getting so upset about things. Don’t do that any more and try to always be happy and joyful in whatever setting God permits for you. Prayer and more prayer.

My child, do not feel alone because you are not. Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament wants to be your Confidant, your Friend, your Consoler. He wants to fill your soul with His Love. Perhaps that is why He is making you feel the emptiness of creatures. How good our God is and by how many paths He leads souls! Do not doubt it! You have been very dear to Him, and it is only natural that He will be very jealous with those souls He loves so much. He wants you all for Himself. Blessed be God! Let it all be for God! In my opinion, we need much prayer, clinging to Our Lord very strongly and trusting everything to Him. Above all else, may God’s peace be with you.

I am a little beggar before Our Lord, always asking Him to look over you.

– Mother Luisita

Experiencing Financial Difficulty

My beloved child,

Let us bless our good God in all situations, in adversity as well as in prosperity for we can greatly profit from them both. Adelante! (Onward!) God will provide! Don’t be preoccupying yourself so much with your financial difficulties or worrying that your projects must be done promptly. Leave to our good Lord His part and He will make everything come out to your greatest advantage.

Let us be submissive to Him with true joy and fulfill His most holy will. Either in abundance or in poverty, He will take care that we don’t die hungry and He will give us those things that are necessary because He loves us and is most powerful! As for ourselves, we are in no financial condition to be building anything, as I have mentioned to you before, but Our Lord moves the hearts of people and without even asking, things begin to happen. Blessed be God!

They have already urgently asked us to vacate the house and I’m afraid we won’t be able to rent another one. Pray for us, but don’t worry about us because God will provide. The sisters are in need of clothing and it is painful to read their letters expressing their lack of funds. God our Lord, in His infinite mercy, is permitting us to taste what poverty is. May He be blessed! He is permitting us the grace of experiencing real poverty, which has never before happened to us. No doubt He wants to see if I can even accept this joyfully, to watch my daughters suffering horribly. The little ones (novices and postulants) tell me, “How good it is, Mother, that we are so poor, and we eat with ‘gusto’ (much enjoyment) whatever God gives us.”

I just wrote one of the sisters, I understand how poor you are and I share in your sorrow because you have nothing to eat. Yes, let us bless Our Lord because He has allowed us to become so very poor. No doubt this lack of even the necessary means of support will help us all to grow spiritually. All we have to do is gladly accept the privations and rigors that poverty brings us.

I know that God will only allow what is more beneficial for us to happen. I invite you to enter into the Heart of Our Lord. May He be your refuge and may we all find strength, life and happiness in Him.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be your dwelling. And may God our Lord help you in all your difficulties. For this is what I am asking of Him. May the most adorable and holy will of God be fulfilled in everything because whatever He permits is for the best. Let us love Him with all of our souls and ask Him for fidelity no matter how many tribulations He deigns to send us.

Pray that everything will happen according to God’s will. Let us place everything in His hands and He will remove all of the difficulties. Let it all be for God!

In my opinion, we need prayer, clinging to Our Lord very strongly and trusting everything to Him. So, what are we going to do? Pray that what happens will be for the best and let us go forward. We are in the hands of God and there is no better place we can be.

Good-bye, my child, and receive a loving embrace from your mother who wishes to see you.

– Mother Luisita

Worry & Anxiety

My dear child,

So, you have had some days of anguish? Let’s bless Our Lord in all and for all and let’s have our eyes fixed on Him, our Hope and our Love. Thus, we will go through the ups and downs of life with all tranquility. This life changes as readily as the moon does. Sorrow precedes joy, fear precedes conviction, weakness precedes strength and all redounds to the welfare of those who love God.

Try to be happy wherever God places you and under any circumstances. Always be attentive to His will and make His will your own. Otherwise, you will never be happy. We’re always wanting what we don’t have. Truly, we can become a calamity to ourselves.

When we have a great need for money, we must say, “Blessed be God for sending us so many trials.” We must bless Our Lord whether we are in prosperity or in suffering for these blend together in life. His divine Majesty will provide. We have to pray, pray much!

Yes, God our Lord will take care of everything. Living these many years has taught me what God”s providence can do, and believe me, nothing affects or frightens me because experience has made me see that He is always there watching us very closely and helping us in everything. Be at peace. All of us have difficulties of some kind or other in this life, and as the Imitation of Christ says, “If you look up or you look down you”ll find the cross everywhere.”

A short period of prayer before Our Lord alleviates our sorrows no matter how big they seem to be, and after being with Our Lord they don”t look so big anymore. Don’t worry. God will provide. That’s the way it goes ups and downs, and as far as I’m concerned we should be as immovable rocks so that when the waves do come, they will wash over us, taking with them all the dirt that was on us.

Try to see the difficulties of life with serenity. Then you will be able to see the solution more clearly because if you get perturbed or angry, or worry too much, all of that can blind the person and then errors can be made.

Finally, pray very much to God for your family and then try not to worry. Worrying so much is not good at all. The devil uses our worries to harm us. Belong totally to God and place everyone in your family, all your relatives into His Divine Heart. Pray for them and expect everything from our good God, Who loves them more than you do. They are also His children, and He shed His precious blood for them.

My child, try to live at peace. Don’t let yourself be carried away by unrest within your soul, and be happy in whatever manner Our Lord wants you. Abandon yourself into His Divine Hands. Let us bless Our Lord for everything. He only allows what is best for us to happen.

Let us go forward, good seamen, for our Love is waiting on the seashore.

– Mother Luisita

Communicating With God

My beloved child,

Do you want Our Lord to communicate with you? Then try to do the following:

  • Preserve unity and peace with everyone who lives under the same roof.
  • Try to have habitual recollection by thinking of God.
  • Familiarize yourself with some little short prayer with which you invite Jesus to come into your heart.
  • Make it a point to entertain yourself with things that pertain to God.
  • Keep yourself in healthy fear, guarding the doors of your senses, being careful what you let come in.
  • Ask for the grace to know and overcome the obstacles that oppose a greater union with God.

Here are the counsels that I give to you:

  • To do everything for God our Lord, seeing Him in the person of the poor and the sick and to frequently offer Him your worries.
  • To try to teach more with your example than with words, even though words are also necessary.
  • Never to make any decision when you are disturbed, but wait until your soul is in peace.
  • Not to expect perfection in people because we live falling down and standing up. Only in heaven will we be perfect, so don’t get scandalized at the sight of somebody else’s faults.
  • Not to get discouraged when greater difficulties come.
  • To suffer much, much for God.
  • Humble yourself when humiliations come, and be happy that God our Lord is pleased with you, even though there are reasons for humiliations in the eyes of others.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be your love, your guide, and your consolation.

– Mother Luisita

Experiencing God's Peace

My beloved child,

May the peace of God dwell within your soul!

How have you been, my child? It should always be easy to write to a mother. It is done spontaneously, understanding that everything will be well-received by a mother because the child empties his/her soul into the mother’s soul, assuming that she will understand and that the mother’s soul is overflowing with interest for the child and doesn’t notice anything else but only how to help the child – to see the child’s needs and remedy them – to cry if the child cries, to be happy if the child is happy. This is the mission of a Mother. And that is precisely my mission, and with assurance I tell you that Our Lord, before giving me spiritual children, gave me the heart of a mother. May He be blessed!

If there is any tempest going on in your soul, don’t pay any attention to it. You know very well where it is all coming from, so don’t be afraid. Run to Our Lord and full of confidence in Him ask Him to help you. Invoke our Blessed Mother praying to her with fervor,

“Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto you, O virgin of virgins, my Mother. To you I come. Before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O, Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petition, but in your mercy, hear and answer me. Amen.”

Try to live at peace. Don’t let yourself be carried away by unrest within your soul, and be happy in whatever manner Our Lord wants you. Abandon yourself into His Divine Hands and offer Him your sorrows and your joys in peace and gladness.

I wish for you, above everything else, the peace of God. Allow God to do His part. Let Him take care of everything that is worrying you. Don’t be worrying about so many difficulties in this life. We must have serenity in all the circumstances that present themselves.

We should be encouraged by the same words that encouraged St. Therese. “Life is your boat, not your dwelling.” Also, remember that everything that bothers us in some way, God our Lord is permitting for our own good. Try not to lose God’s peace or His presence. This life is full of worries and you find them wherever you are. In fact, these worries, also, are a part of the work of God that He permits or sends us to bring about a greater good.

It makes me happy when I learn that you are at peace. The fact is that peace of soul is life and without it we can’t say that we are really living. Yes, peace, it seems to me is an indispensable factor if we are to have life in our souls. Try to allow your peace to come back to yours, praying for that grace from Our Lord. That lack of peace you are experiencing is harmful to you.

May the holy peace of God be in your soul. It is my heartfelt desire that you be submerged in the peace of God. Peace is a treasure for you and for everyone. That’s why the devil tries to make us lose it. Always keep holy water and sprinkle it in every room of the house. And remember what St. Teresa says, “Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing frighten you!”

– Mother Luisita

Trusting in God's Providence

My beloved child,

How good our God is, always watching over His children! We should rest entirely in His hands, understanding that His eyes are always upon us, that He will see to it that we lack nothing and grant us anything that we need, if it is for our own good.

Let Our Lord do with you whatever He wants. Let Him mold your soul in whatever way is pleasing to Him. Try to be at peace within your soul, freeing yourself from fear and worry and allowing yourself to be guided by your spiritual director.

With all my heart I am praying for this intention for you – that God will grant your soul many blessings. This is my greatest desire for you – that these blessings, like the valuable rain, will help the seeds of those virtues most pleasing to of God our Lord to germinate within your soul, embellishing it with virtue. Let us rid ourselves of those tinsel-like virtues that shine but at the least touch fall apart. Our holy Mother St. Teresa taught us to be as strong as oak trees, not like straw that is always knocked down by the wind.

I have as much concern for your soul as I do for my own (I think I am saying too much), but it is a reality – I am deeply concerned in an extraordinary way for you.

My child, try to see all things as coming from God. Receive everything that happens with serenity. Humble yourself, asking Him to do everything for you and continue working with tranquility for the good of your own soul which is the most urgent thing for you to do. Look to God, your soul, and eternity, and for al the rest, do not preoccupy yourself. For greater things you were born.

God will provide for all of our needs. Let us trust that we will receive all from Him who loves us so much and is always watching over us! As you try to see all things as coming from the hand of God, adore His designs. I would like to see you have more trust in Divine Providence. Otherwise, you will be suffering many disappointments and your projects will meet with failure. Trust, my child, only in God. Everything human is changeable and the one who is for you today will be against you tomorrow. You see how good our God is! We should have more confidence in Him every day and have recourse to prayer, not permitting anything to discourage us or make us sad. He has given me so much confidence in His Divine Will that I leave everything in His hands and I am at peace.

My beloved child, let us praise God in everything because all that happens is for our own good. Try to fulfill your duties the best you can and for God alone and always remain happy and serene in all the tribulations of life. As for me, I have placed all in the hands of God and I have been successful. We have to learn to detach ourselves a little, trust in God alone, and do God’s holy will with joy.

How beautiful it is to be in the Hands of God, searching His Divine Gaze in readiness to do whatever He wishes.

Good-bye, my child, and receive a loving embrace from your mother who wishes to see you.

– Mother Luisita

God, Your Soul & Eternity

My beloved child,

Accept my loving greeting and my prayer for you to be what God wants you to be. What about your soul? Is it taking little steps toward heaven or is it flying there? Be very united with Our Lord so that your prayer may be continual, and at the same time, full of confidence in God.

Fix your gaze on heaven, not on earthly things that all pass away like a breath leaving behind nothing but remorse and sadness like smoke that disappears with nothing but reality remaining. Be entirely at peace. What we have to do, myself included, is to become saints, to perfect the ordinary deeds of daily life and to live only for God. Let us bless God always and for everything, that we may remain happy and at peace even in the midst of thorns. Let us bless God our Lord in all and for all!

Whenever sorrow enters your life, lift up your soul to God, offering it up to Him. Never separate yourself from Our Lord. He is always giving you proofs of His love for you. He loves you very much and, in return, you should love Him with all of your soul.

We have to become very detached from everything else, so that He may be the One to fill our hearts. I remind you that He is very jealous, and that inordinate love for any creature will take His place in our souls.

The troubles you are now experiencing are found everywhere. They are the flowers in this valley of tears that perhaps are part of the plan of God and a means of practicing virtues. Try to see the difficulties and contradictions in this life with serenity. God our Lord will help you if you place everything in His hands and pray much. When you place everything in His hands, He will do everything, and very well! Look to God, your soul, and eternity. All the rest is merely a puff of smoke!

Peace, it seems to me, is an indispensable factor if we are to have life in our souls. Lack of peace is harmful to you. Try to allow peace to come back to your soul, praying to Our Lord for that grace.

Every day you should be spending half an hour if you can, or even less, with the Blessed Sacrament asking Him for His help and presenting Him all your difficulties. As God, He knows everything; talk to Him as you would talk to a Father. Try not to lose God’s peace or His presence.

May you receive the consolation that comes from Him alone.

Try to become a little better each day. Make all of your devotions with increasing fervor and have a great purity of intention at the root of all of your actions. May God help you to be happy in your work, doing everything for the love of Him. When Our Lord sends you occasions to practice virtue in any manner whatsoever don’t oppose Him or resist Him. Accept with good will all of the difficulties and contradictions of life.

I would like very much for you to become a great soul, strong and vigorous, never looking toward your own gain and self-love, but toward God’s glory.

Keep well, my child, and be what you are supposed to be – a saint! Take care of yourself. Write me when you can. Pray for me and may God bless you.

– Mother Luisita