Carmelite Sisters to close Hayden

Duarte, California August 19, 2020

The Carmelite Sisters announced on Wednesday that the last day of operations at Hayden Child Care Center will be September 1, 2020. For 53 years, the Sisters and their co-workers have served hundreds of families in the San Gabriel Valley at Hayden Childcare Center. So it is with a grateful yet heavy heart that the Sisters have come to this decision.

Hayden Child Care has been closed since mid-March due to the on-going pandemic. The subsequent economic downturn due to Covid-19 has greatly impacted the Sisters’ ability to continue serving in this capacity. The legacy of Hayden, the many families that have been touched and the children who have been formed and educated through all the years, will continue on.

As the Carmelite Sisters continue to discern future apostolic service in healthcare, education and retreat work, they will remember with deep gratitude the blessings received from all those who walked through the doors of Hayden Childcare Center, their co-workers, the families, the children.

The Sisters thank God for the opportunity to have served these last 53 years in this portion of the Lord’s vineyard.