The call to follow Christ is one that resonates deeply within each of us. And as we open our hearts to truly “listen” to His voice, to follow His promptings, He leads us in ways that are beyond our expectations, our imaginings.

Amazing as this may seem, He sets apart some to belong totally, unreservedly to Him. If this is the path that He desires you to follow…what is your response?

“There is a wonderful way of experiencing love in life:
it is the vocation to follow Christ…”

Pope John Paul II

How do you know if God is inviting you to belong totally to Him as a consecrated religious?

God is constantly speaking to us, acting in our daily life, loving us in the concrete situations we face. Discernment is the practice of learning how to recognize His voice, His hand, His love in what we experience each day. He is present in what IS…not in what we wish would be or in what we think should be, but in what IS. He longs for us to take the time to listen to Him, to see Him, and to respond with love. With practice and the help of a spiritual director, we will begin to more easily recognize God’s love for us in the details of our daily life and our relationship with Him will deepen and grow. As we learn to listen to Him and say yes in the small things, we will eventually realize that He has been preparing us to follow His lead in the bigger decisions of life such as our vocation. Is God inviting you to belong totally to Him as a consecrated religious? Ask Him.

We all need help with discernment, someone outside of our own mind and heart to help us recognize God’s voice. Talk to a priest, a consecrated religious, a faithful Catholic friend or family member. We help many young women who are seeking God’s will discern their vocation. Some are called to marriage, others to another community, some to our community. We help each one listen to the Lord’s voice in their heart.

God calls many women to an intimate relationship with Him. It is important to discern how that call is to be lived out. Those considering a vocation to our community should have a strong desire for prayer, a love for the Eucharist, the ability to live a rich community life and should be striving to follow Our Lord with a Marian docility and love. Candidates for discernment with our community should be between the ages of 18-35 and in good physical and psychological health.

If you would like to speak with our vocation directress about discernment, even just to ask some questions, e-mail joyofcarmel@outlook.com or call 626.557.5816.