A Glimpse Into Carmel…Through Our New Book: Moments of Grace

Moments of Grace

Paperback – June 21, 2015

by the Carmelite Sisters

Moments of Grace is a 350+ page collection of funny, inspirational, heart-warming short stories from the lives of the Sisters. It’s a look inside the convent walls.

A joyful companion for your life’s journey.

A delightful gift for people of all ages and walks of life.

A wonderful way to be inspired and uplifted.

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Reviews of Moments of Grace

Absolutely wonderful! I am only about one third of the way through but I love it. I want to read it but will be sad when I am done! Thank you for putting these stories together in a book. Truly heart warming!

Sisters, I am now on page 235. Since I made my first retreat in 1946, I go way back and remember how it was. We had beautiful rooms (3 to a room) being young I wasn’t aware the sister’s rooms were in the basement. The chapel was beautiful with a large picture of St. Teresa of Avila on the wall (awesome) and the dining room was so inviting, now I am aware both were in small areas, but then it was everything you could ever want. I learned more about the beginning of The Retreat House, The memories are with me, after all the years, I could write a book lol. I will be disappointed when I finish reading , being human I want more I especially liked learning the steps in becoming a Carmelite and the sharings concerning convent life. This morning I was up at 5:00 a.m. and the thought entered my mind “The Carmelites are up also” It is never too late to become more fervent in my prayer life and to be a Carmelite in my heart, I live in the world, but choose not to be a part of it. Thank yo u for giving of yourselves in writing this book. I would have loved to have the book I bought signed, being up in age I could have never stood in a line. I console my self by remembering it wasn’t in God’s plan for me and to be grateful I have the book. I love the Carmelites…
Sisters~ what a wonderful book! As I was standing in line Sunday waiting to get my book signed, the woman standing in front of me was there because she received a postcard letting her know about the event. She said she had no idea about you or your community, or why she had received the card. but she was curious and so she came. I just kept thinking to myself, “Boy are you in for a treat” ..She bought 2 books and was there until the very end… I think you made a new friend.. I started reading the book on Sunday immediately after it was signed, and as I was waiting for your mini-concert to start, (which btw was so incredibly beautiful)..I have laughed out loud (LOLed), teared up, and sighed deeply.. and I’m not even half way through the book yet.Thank you for sharing the stories, I hope there is a sequel.. God bless. PS doing an audio of this book would be great!
Dear Sisters, thank you so much for the signed copy of Moments of Grace. The book is wonderful! I started reading it as soon as I received it and have enjoyed every story. I have cried, laughed out loud by myself, and have been inspired and touched by them. I have had the opportunity to hear some of these stories in person so I could picture the Sister who was telling the story so they brought a smile to my heart. The love that you give, the work that you do, and the blessing that all of you are and receive, are expressed in so many ways through these stories. I know this is a book that will be read may times over. I will encourage everyone to order their copy and be able to get their own little look inside the lives of our beloved Carmelite Sisters. Much love to all!!!
I couldn’t wait to get Moment of Grace. I was definitely not disappointed! The book shows how human the Sisters are but also shows the spirituality of them and others in the stories. There have been many times I’ve had to wipe my eyes of tears in order to continue to read the stories. Thank you so much for writing your stories.
I fell in love with the many personal stories you shared in this publication. Many were filled with humor, while others were quite thought provoking. I enjoyed the stories of everyone’s experience serving the Church through a vocation as a religious.
    I read one story at a time during the day. It gave me time to think about each one, recollect, and put myself in the presence of God. I enjoyed every story and did not want the book to end. I hope there will be many more. Also I would like you to produce a DVD of the Liturgy Of The Hours with an instruction booklet, so we the laity can accompany you. The Popes have encouraged our participation, but we need some help. It would be a blessing for us to feel we are really united with you in this act of praise to our God in the Mystical Body of Christ. Thank you for your wonderful newsletter.

Enjoy this slideshow of our Book Signing at Julienne’s in San Marino on June 21, 2015: Lots of friends, good food, a little music, and a lot of books signed…

A BIG thank you to our friend Julie, the owner of Julienne’s for hosting this beautiful event and to all our friends and family who joined us for the afternoon!