By Sister Immaculata

“Love in any language, straight from the heart
Pulls us all together, never apart
And once we learn to speak it
All the world will know,
Love in any language, fluently spoken here.”

I remember several years ago singing this song in a performance with the Sisters, replete with white gloves and black light effect. I still remember the powerful unifying effect there was among us and the audience.

It seemed to strike a chord deep within us of a common longing, a desire for transformation from selfishness to love and from isolation to unity. A universal desire for a universal language of love that we could all speak with fluency is something that was sadly beyond our reach……..until the glorious outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Sunday.

The feast of Pentecost saw this deep desire for transformation fulfilled. Peter and the Apostles literally spoke this universal language of love and they were understood by all. Cowardice was transformed into courage and hesitancy to boldness. Confusion gave way to clarity and the tongues of fire gave way to the copious Living Waters of Baptism.

As we enter into Ordinary Time, we don’t have to leave Pentecost behind.  Let us join the Apostles and Our Lady praying, ‘Come, Holy Spirit! Let us drink from the waters of salvation that are flowing in each present moment, and let us speak words of love that bear the Spirit’s fruit of goodness, peace, gentleness kindness and joy.