A Weekend of Prayer for our Families, our Country, and the World…

A special weekend retreat for men and women who feel called to join together with the Carmelite Sisters to pray with Mary for the urgent needs of our world today.  

If, like us, you feel an inner call from God to pray for the urgent needs of our families, our country, and our world today, the Carmelite Sisters invite you to come apart for a weekend of special intercessory prayer.

Father Stash Dailey will share his deep love for Our Blessed Mother and lead us in a greater understanding of her role in our world today and God’s serious call to come to Him through His Mother. We will pray together with faith “Under Her Mantle.”

SHRH-flyer-Under-Her-Mantle-Special-Prayer-Retreat-with-Mary-2014"Under Her Mantle" Flyer