Spirit of Carmel | Fall 2015

Read the Spirit of Carmel magazine. Join us in continuing our celebration of the 5th Centenary of St. Teresa of Avila's birth! Our theme for this issue is focused on her simple submission, "I am yours Lord." read more

Spirit of Carmel

Premiering the revised Spirit of Carmel magazine, a publication written, edited, and produced by the Carmelite Sisters. Includes articles, photos, and more. read more

Spirit of Carmel | Fall 2014

Join us as we reflect on those words of Christ, "Who do you say that I am?" Jesus offers us his closeness, word and strength despite our imperfect spirit. read more

The Spirit of Carmel | THE Faith

Our Catholic Church teaches that there is natural faith and supernatural, infused faith which comes at Baptism. It may seem to be quietly lying dormant, forgotten, or perhaps inconsequential in the going about of daily living. Yet, I have come to realize that almost every country has stories about faith and times of persecution. read more

Spirit of Carmel | Love Transforms All Things

In a day where anti-religious feeling is prevalent in society, we can begin to see how this danger can take on more brutal forms. In a culture like ours today that promotes “tolerance” of every person and ideals, isn’t it odd that we are to tolerate every ideal and thought except religion and faith in God? read more