Journey Home


JOURNEY HOME is a hauntingly evocative collection of songs, with lyrics and music by the Carmelite Sisters. Not merely played, this CD is experienced. Listening becomes participating in this sublime prayer which is called music. “When I listen to the Carmelite Sisters CD, “Journey Home” I am able to release my personal anxieties and restore my belief in and appreciation for God’s eternal love.” – Ted Cotti, Glendale, California

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1. We Lift Our Eyes Up To You

2. You Have Called Me

3. Greater Things

4. Home to the Father

5. So Longs My Soul

6. His Voice Is Sweet

7. O Blessed Virgin

8. Psalm 45

9. Awaiting

10. Still, Small Voice

11. Draw Us After You, Virgin Mary

12. In Seeking My Beloved

13. Our Love is Waiting

14. Journey Home


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Dimensions 5 × 5.5 × .25 in