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Rooted in the Gospel, the Church and our Carmelite vocation, the Carmelite Sisters’ work in Catholic schools from California to Miami, Florida.  The gift of our religious vocation is a source of strength to carry out the mission given to us.

While meeting or exceeding the academic requirements of each diocese, our child care centers and Catholic schools strive to prepare students with the spiritual and personal development they need to become well-rounded individuals and active members of the faith community.  The Sisters, teachers and staff strive to create an environment of respect, love for those in need, and appreciation for God’s creation.


Hayden Child Care Center, located on the campus of Santa Teresita Medical Center, serves families with children ages 2-6, including a fully accredited kindergarten program.  Children have the opportunity to participate in intergenerational learning experiences with senior residents.

Hayden Child Care Center | Duarte, CA


Little Flower Educational Child Care, located in the Lincoln Heights area of Los Angeles, is the Carmelite Sisters’ second oldest apostolic work in Los Angeles, opening in 1929.  Currently, Little Flower educates and cares for children 6 weeks old through kindergarten by providing a welcoming, non-competitive place for them to learn about themselves, other people, the world around them, and God.

Little Flower Educational Child Care | Los Angeles, CA


The Carmelite Sisters currently teach in six parochial schools from Miami to Califonia.  Our Lord has entrusted the Sisters with the work of passing on the faith through their work in Catholic schools as teachers and administrators.


Holy Innocents | Long Beach, CA

St. Philomena | Carson, CA

St. Theresa | Coral Gables, FL

Sts. Peter and Paul | Wheatridge, CO

Loretto | Douglas, AZ

Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School, an archdiocesan school located in the Kendall area of Miami, is administered and staffed by the Carmelite Sisters.  The Sisters are blessed to assist families in preparing students for college and beyond.

Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School | Miami, FL 

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