Catholic Schools Week 2022

Inspiration from Mother Luisita

“May your life in that little corner of the earth be as a bonfire of love, consuming itself in the love of God and zeal for souls.  Yes, win many souls for Him by your prayers, good example, and teaching.” – Mother Luisita

“Avail yourselves of the opportunities that are presented to you regarding the young (students) there. Try to help them, to attract them, to invite them, and after praying with them, speak to them with prudence and gentleness trying to win their hearts so that you’ll be able to present those hearts to God.” – Mother Luisita

“Try to be an apostle. A word said in the name of God may bring about the salvation of a soul.” – Mother Luisita

Inspiration from Don Bosco
“Do you want to do a good deed? Teach the young!
Do you want to perform a holy act? Teach the young!
Do you want to do a holy thing? Teach the young!
Truly, now and for the future, among holy things, this is the holiest.”
Don Bosco

 “Without confidence and love, there can be no true education. If you want to be loved…you must love yourselves, and make your children feel that you love them.” -Don Bosco

 “It is not enough to love the young; they must know they are loved.” - Don Bosco

 “Everything and everyone is won by the sweetness of our words and works”.  Don Bosco

 “Never send negligent pupils out of the classroom. Be patient with their light-mindedness.” – Don Bosco

“Always be the first to enter your classroom and the last to leave it.” – Don Bosco

 ”If young people are educated properly, we have moral order; if not, vice and disorder prevail. Religion alone can initiate and achieve a true education.” Don Bosco

 ”Be exacting when it is a matter of duty, firm in the pursuit of good, courageous in preventing evil, but always gentle and prudent. I assure you, real success can only come from patience.  Don Bosco

 ”If we want to have a good society, we must concentrate all our forces on the Christian education of the young. Experience has taught me that if we wish to sustain civil society then we should take good care of the young.” Don Bosco

“[I have] always tried to enlighten the mind while ennobling the heart.” – Don Bosco

Inspiration from St. John Paul II


“No Catholic school can be effective without dedicated Catholic teachers, convinced of the great ideal of Catholic education. The Church needs men and women who are intent on teaching by word and example – intent on helping to permeate the whole educational milieu with the spirit of Christ. This is a great vocation, and the Lord himself will reward all who serve in it as educators in the cause of the word of God.” – Message of John Paul II to the National Catholic Educational Association of the United States, April 16, 1979

“In order that the Catholic school and the Catholic teachers may truly make their irreplaceable contribution to the Church and to the world, the goal of Catholic education itself must be crystal clear. Beloved sons and daughters of the Catholic Church, brothers and sisters in the faith: Catholic education is above all a question of communicating Christ, of helping to form Christ in the lives of others.” – Message of John Paul II to the National Catholic Educational Association of the United States, April 16, 1979

“The life of a teacher, as I know from personal experience, is very challenging and demanding, but it is also profoundly satisfying. It is more than a job, for it is rooted in our deepest convictions and values. To be intimately concerned in the development of a young person, of hundreds of young people, is a highly responsible task. As teachers, you kindle in your students a thirst for truth and wisdom. You spark off in them a desire for beauty. You introduce them to their cultural heritage. You help them to discover the treasures of other cultures and peoples. What an awesome responsibility and privilege is yours in the teaching profession.” – Address of John Paul II to the Council, Staff, and Students of the Institute of Catholic Education, Melbourne, Australia, November 28, 1986, #2

“The greatest challenge to Catholic education in the United States today, and the greatest contribution that authentically Catholic education can make to American culture, is to restore to that culture the conviction that human beings can grasp the truth of things, and in grasping that truth can know their duties to God, to themselves, and their neighbors. In meeting that challenge, the Catholic educator will hear an echo of Christ’s words: ‘If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free’ (John 8:32).” – Address of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II to the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Regions of Chicago, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee (USA) on Their “Ad Limina” Visit, May 30, 1998, #3

Christians among the teachers are called to be witnesses and educators of authentic Christian life, which evidences attained integration between faith and life, and between professional competence and Christian wisdom. All teachers are to be inspired by academic ideals and by the principles of an authentically human life.” – Ex Corde Ecclesiae: Apostolic Constitution of the Supreme Pontiff on Catholic Universities, August 15, 1990, #22