During this month of Thanksgiving, we not only give thanks for all that we enjoy now, but also for all of our Sisters who have come before us and upon whose shoulders we stand. Sixty of our own have returned to God’s loving embrace, and we take this month to honor each of them. Their loving service has shaped our community into what it is today, and their prayers and exemplary life will guide us in the future.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
And let perpetual light shine upon them.
May they rest in peace.

Sister Leonor

Join us in praying for our Sister Leonor. Sister was the first of our Community to die in the United States. She was known for her beautiful singing voice. At death, she was consoled knowing that she has a niece that was following her into Carmel.

Sister Dolores

In the month we remember our deceased, let us pray for Sister Dolores who gave so diligently to the formation of our young sisters. It is upon such strong shoulders that we now stand.

Sister Isabel

We offer joyful thanks for our Sister Isabel. Sister had the privilege of knowing Mother Luisita personally. Once arriving in the US sister worked in a variety of humble jobs.

Sister Herminia

Let us remember our Sister Herminia. Sister served for many years at Santa Teresita. Each patient we Christ to her and to each she offered her gentleness and gracious smile.

Sister Mary Ines

Join us praying for our Sister Mary Ines. Sister served the Community in teaching and leadership roles. She was a true and faithful daughter of our Mother Luisita.

Sister Mary Angela

Remembering our Sister Mary Angela who was known for her devotion to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Sister served in the finance office at Santa Teresa.

Sister Rosalina

Let us pray for our Sister Rosalina. Sister was admitted to our Congregation by Mother Luisita herself. She was a very humble and quiet soul who worked in the sacristy and an example of a prayerful soul.

Sister Mary Patricia

Join us praying for our Sister Mary Patricia. Sister was a much loved teacher in several of our schools. Her joy and dedication were witnessed by all who knew her.

Sister Maria Dolores

Remembering our Sister Maria Dolores. Sister  did every simple and humble task assigned to her, especially the care of the sick with tender love and care, seeing each patient as ‘another Christ’.

Sister Mary Rose

Please join us praying for our Sister Mary Rose. Sister was an amazing artist. The beautiful stained glass windows at Sacred Heart Retreat House were the fruit of her talent.

Sister Margarita maria

Join us praying for our co-foundress Mother Margarita Maria who is held in great love and esteem.  God blessed us and all our ministries by her keen judgment and vision for the future.

Sister Benigna

Let us remember in prayer our Sister Benigna.  Although she was very quiet and shy, she always had a warm and ready smile that was contagious. Sister served for many years at Santa Teresita.

Sister Ana Maria

Join us praying for our dear Sister Ana Maria. Sister spent most of her life sewing for the Community in spite of poor health. Her faithful dedication, in spite of the pain,  was a witness to her union with Jesus on the cross.

Sister Maria de la Cruz

Join us in prayer for our dear Sister Maria de la Cruz. Sister was a tinly little Sister, but there was nothing tiny about her faith and devotion to God and her Sisters!

Sister Mary Magdalen

Remembering our Sister Mary Magdalen. Sister was the first vocation to enter in Los Angeles. She is especially remembered for her outstanding zeal, and her unswerving allegiance to the LA Dodgers!

Sister Columba

Join us praying for our dear Sister Columba. Our Mother foundress had wanted to keep her close to her but sent to help in the United States. She taught much by her humility. Her well known mantra was, “Pray for me? I pray for you.”

Sister John

Join us praying for our Sister St. John. Sister was one of the few that contracted TB while working in the sanitorium. She was a born leader. Sister was affectionately known as “Sister Sunshine.”

Sister Maria Esperanza

Please pray for our Sister Maria Esperanza. Even though she suffered from poor health all her life, Sister embodied simple, childlike joy, surprising us with her cute jokes. Sister was a faithful companion.

Sister Mary Grace

Join us praying for our Sister Mary Grace. Sister had the soul of an artist and loved to write poetry. Everywhere she lived she brought joy and her sense of humor.

Sister Virginia Therese

Join us in remembering our Sister Virginia Therese. Sister served as a nurse in Pediatrics and in the Med-Surg wings of Santa Teresita. She was known as the “Singing Nun” because of her joy-filled songs

Sister Mary Ann

Join us praying for our Sister Mary Ann. In her brief, beautiful life Sister touched many souls through her joyfulness and fidelity. She left us an example of a soul totally given to her Divine Spouse with no reservations

Sister Amelia

Remembering in prayer our dear Sister Amelia. The calm nature of Sister Amelia will be remembered fondly by the children & their parents at Hayden Child Care Center as the smiling ‘grandma’ with infinite patience and tender hugs

Sister Piedad

Join us praying for our Sister Piedad. Sister received her name from Mother Foundress herself. Sister had a gentle and dignified manner and served in many leadership positions over the years.

Sister Mary Jude

Let us pray for our Sister Mary Jude. Sister’s love of God spilled out on all those she served in the teaching apostolate. She shared the fruit of her prayer to bring others to a deeper union with God.

Sister Mary Loyola

Join us praying for our Sister Mary Loyola. Sister was in the first graduating class from Queen of Angels Nursing School. Sister worked as a nurse at Santa Teresita in various capacities. She is remembered for her fidelity to prayer.

Sister Marguerite

Remembering in prayer our Sister Marguerite. After Sister and her companions joined our Congregation, she spent her last days in skilled nursing continuing her ‘hospital apostolate’ by phone calls and visits.  She was a cherished friend and advisor to many.

Sister Olga

Join us praying for our Sister Olga. Sister came to us from an Oklahoma Carmelite community near the end of her life and is remembered for her joy with the little ones at Hayden’s Child Care Center.

Sister Maria Cabrini

Please join us in praying for our Sister Maria Cabrini. Sister served as a respiratory therapist at Santa Teresita for many years. She is remembered for her warmth, generosity, and sense of humor.

Sister Mary Alacoque

Let us pray for our Sister Mary Alacoque. Sister was joyful and smiling presence in our Community. Her never failing love for each of her Sisters, through hidden acts of charity as well as ‘going the extra mile’ endeared her to all.

Sister Victoria

Let us pray for our Sister Victoria. Sister served as a cook at Santa Teresita, Little Flower, and the Retreat House. Her contagious giggling laugh was an expression of a soul filled with the Holy Spirit.

Sister Maria Eugenia

Join us praying for our Sister Maria Eugenia. Sister served as a valued assistant to Mother Margarita Maria. Her long years of illness was the purifying love of the Sacred Heart for her.

Sister Carmen

Let us remember our dear Sister Carmen. Sister was a quiet soul who spoke more by her example than by words. Her nursing care was so well known that patients would request her as their nurse.

Sister Teresa Maria

Join us praying for our Sister Teresa Maria. Sister was a delight for all her sisters. Most of her years were spent at Little Flower Missionary House where she was greatly loved by the children and their families.

Sister Mary

Remembering fondly our Sister Mary of Christ. Sister served at Santa Teresita in various capacities over the years. We remember her quiet manner and her wonderful cooking, which was often requested by the doctors.

Sister Mary Anastasia

Join us praying for our Sister Mary Anastasia. Sister taught primary grades as a member of the Presentation Sisters before joining our community. Sisters’ angelic smile and gentle ways were an ‘epistle’ of love up to her last breath.

Sister Josephine

Remembering our dear Sister Josephine. As the first Superior General, Sister carried this responsibility with grace and dignity. She guided us individually as well as communally with motherly tenderness.

Sister Mary Assumpta

Join us praying for our Sister Mary Assumpta. Sister was an outstanding Kindergarten teacher, gentle, loving and always charitable with children, staff and her Sisters in Carmel.  Everyone knew they were loved.

Sister Julie Marie

Let us pray for our Sister Julie Marie. Sister served as an X-ray technician for 50 years at Santa Teresita. She exemplified Christian love to all she served as well as all with whom she lived.

Sister Maria Luisa

Join us in praying for our Sister Maria Luisa. The large smile that lit up her face only became more radiant as the years progressed. To the question what is the greatest blessing in religious life, she answered to be a saint. We think she succeeded.

Sister Maria Loreto

Remember in prayer our dear Sister Maria Loreto. Sister was one of Mother Luisita’s first vocations in Mexico during the persecution. Sister worked in various areas. Her soft-spoken and gentle ways were endearing and beloved.

Sister Mary

Please join us in praying for our Sister Mary of the Blessed Sacrament. Sister was the youngest applicant accepted by the community. Sister worked for many years at the Santa Teresita switchboard. She greeted all with a sweet smile.

Sister Anthony Marie

Remembering Sister Anthony Marie. As an RN Sister served at Santa Teresita in many roles of administration, especially in the maternity department. Sister suffered from deforming rheumatoid arthritis but never gave up and served the Lord to her last day.

Sister Cecilia

Join us praying for our Sister Cecelia. Sister worked for many years in Central Supply at Santa Teresita and many young sisters were privileged to work with her. We were blessed by her beautiful voice and humble, simple spirit.

Sister Maria Rita

Let us pray for our Sister Maria Rita. Sister’s endless energy was channeled into joyful service that knew no bounds. Her culinary talents blessed both the retreatants and patients as she always gave God PRIME time – not what was left over.

Sister Maria del Socorro

Remembering our Sister Maria del Socorro. In addition to being a great supervisor for the housekeeping staff at Santa Teresita, Sister was an outstanding seamstress. Charity and availability were her notable virtues and her natural sense of humor.

Sister Maria Josefa

Join us in praying for Sister Maria Josefa. Sister inherited her culinary expertise from her mother and father. We were the happy beneficiaries of her talents at both Santa Teresita and Sacred Heart Retreat House.

Sister Maureen

Remembering our dear Sister Maureen. Sister taught and administered in our schools for many years. Her tragic death from rare leukemia took Sister from us in the prime of her life. Her sensitivity to the needs of her Sisters will always be remembered.

Sister Carol Marie

Let us pray for Sister Carol Marie. Sister spent her religious life as an elementary school teacher. Her last years were a ‘Calvary’ for her due to Cancer. In her suffering, she edified us by her trust in God’s love.

Sister Dolores

Please join us in praying for Sister Dolores of Jesus. Sister led a basically humble and hidden life – never comfortable even with compliments on her wonderful cooking.

Sister Mary Andrew

Let us pray for Sister Mary Andrew. Sister was known for her dedication to the most Blessed Sacrament. As an LVN Sister cared for patients for 20 years, and then for her elderly Sisters to whom she gave her all until the Lord called Her.

Sister Bertha Angelina

Join us praying for our Sister Bertha Angelina. She was a ‘mother’ to innumerable TB patients and elderly ladies in the Manor. She was faithful to all her duties, especially in preparing her patients to meet the Lord.

Sister Gema Alicia

Remembering our Sister Gema Alicia. Sister was graciousness and thoughtfulness personified. She was an example of fidelity to prayer and community life, always available to help her Sisters.

Sister Maria Belen

Join us praying for Sister Maria Belen. The mention of Sister Belen’s name brings smiles to us all. Sister served in hidden assignments. She was a delightful sister who brought joy and laughter to convent life for 75 years.

Sister Maria Tomasina

Remembering our Sister Tomasina. A sweet and sensitive soul, Sister Tomasina lived faithfully her religious life and served as a nurse in the hospital with kindness and gentleness.

Sister Ann Dolores

Let us pray for our Sister Ann Dolores. Sister had an outstanding spirit of service and adventure. Her ready smile and a great sense of humor were edifying and inspiring, especially in her last illness.

Sister Mary Raphael

Join us in praying for our Sister Mary Raphael. After joining our community, Sister served primarily in our healthcare facilities. We will always remember her patience and long-suffering with her many health challenges.

Sister Maria Elisa

Remembering our Sister Maria Elisa. For many years Sister oversaw the finances at Santa Teresita. Her beautiful needlework on altar clothes will be giving God honor and glory for years to come.

Sister Mary Consolata

Remembering Sister Mary Consolata. Sister was an exemplary religious and was responsible in forming many sisters as our Novice Director. Her beautiful example during her last illness, of complete surrender to God’s will, was edifying to us all.

Sister Mary Francine

Rest in Peace

Sister Gertrude

Rest in Peace

Sister Mary Gonzaga

Rest in Peace

Sister Dositea

Rest in Peace

Sister Maria Teresa

Rest in Peace

Sister Maria de la Paz

Rest in Peace

Sister Mary Catherine

Rest in Peace

Sister Patrocinio

Rest in Peace