New Beginnings

Carmelite Musings

By Sister Mary Scholastica, O.C.D

Another January 1st. This time it’s 2022. We have no idea what this year will hold. For some, this statement brings a sense of excitement, for others fear. But, do you know there is one thing we can be certain of? That through it all, God will be faithful and His Blessed Mother will be by our side.

We are always planning for tomorrow, the new season, in this case, the new year. It’s much easier to project for the future than to faithfully live today. It takes less effort. However, it is always sobering to remember that our tomorrows will be shaped and formed by how we choose to live today. How do you choose to live today?

As we celebrate our beautiful, blessed Mother, let us turn our gaze to herand see how she chose to live. She pondered in her heart, she went in haste, she lived daily life within the Holy Family, she directed people to her Son, she stood at the foot of the cross, she steadied and supported the apostles, she became their mother and ours. She was attentive to every grace tucked into every corner of every day.

To live as she lived is heroic; it’s the stuff of saints. Our lives are not our own. We are not here on this earth solely for ourselves. Somehow, God desires that we do some good – to make a difference in someone’s life, to fulfill a mission that has been specifically entrusted to us.

It is this great calling of ours that impels us to enter this new year with a sense of purpose and a commitment to holiness. Holiness which means living the ordinary life extraordinarily well…for God and for our brothers and sisters in Christ.