By: Sister Jeannine Marie, O.C.D.

Many of us are familiar with the classic film, The Quiet Man. John Wayne’s character evoked an inner strength and steady sureness that quickly appealed to the audience. These same qualities are seen in the greatest of quiet souls, Saint Joseph. There are no words recorded in Scripture spoken by Joseph yet he speaks volumes to us in the example of his person. The Church, in her wisdom, places Saint Joseph as a guide during the season of Lent. Coincidence? Hardly.

What better guide could be given to us than the man who was chosen by God to care for His Only Begotten Son. Easy job? Hardly. Have you ever stooped down to pick up the Creator of the universe? How about teaching the Omniscient One? These are no tasks for the faint of heart.  Saint Joseph’s strength of soul is unmistakable. This quiet man derived his abilities from a constant “going within” through silence. He knew he was helpless in facing such an awesome task but he trusted in Him who could accomplish all of them. His adeptness lies in his trusting surrender to His God within.

Lent can seem an intimidating task to us as well. We are given this time each year in the Church’s liturgy to step back, take account, and regroup to refocus ourselves. Saint Joseph is just the guiding light for us to invite along for the journey. When we are tempted to look for “big” penances, Saint Joseph will show us how to accept the simple tasks with a steadiness of purpose. He will show us where true strength lies and invite us to go within to find Him. Saint Teresa of Avila gives us wonderful advice this Lent when she says, “…go especially to St. Joseph, for he has great power with God.”