By: Sister Jeannine Marie

“Every woman in the world was made to be a mother either physically or spiritually” (Fulton Sheen). We often do not think of this gift – yes, gift of spiritual motherhood. Here are some practical tips for women to live out their spiritual motherhood:

  • Take a moment today to think of a person you saw or met who was in need. Pause and ask God’s blessing on this person.
  • As you prepare for Lent, choose a priest you know or one need of prayers and offer prayer and sacrifices for him for the Lenten season.
  • Spiritual motherhood is about helping souls be the persons they were meant to be. Let’s not forget that this also means the “poor” souls. Offer a decade of the rosary for the soul most in need this day.
  • We live in a busy world and often we become numb to all around us. Today, take a moment to be conscious of those little ways you can assist, comfort, or encourage someone with a mother’s tender, listening heart.