By Sr. Jeannine Marie

This Lent we are all facing more than the normal challenges of the season. Our everyday routine and the world as a whole seems to have come to a sudden stop. Naturally, this results in feelings of fear, confusion, and helplessness. Mother Luisita is someone who knew fear. What can she teach us in this trying time we are going through? She gives us three lessons: trust in God, simplicity of life, and gratitude of heart.

Mother Luisita faced every “unknown” with trust in God. If we have God as the anchor on our boat of life, we can weather any storm with the assurance of His love, guidance, and direction. This is an opportune time to deepen our prayer and broaden our horizons to see the needs of others above our own. “But we can’t go to Mass,” you may say. Take this occasion to join with your family and pray together, reach out to God who is faithful and loving.

The trying circumstances that surrounded Mother Luisita during the birth of our Community forced her to live a much simpler life. This pandemic has given each of us a comparable occasion. We can step back from our busy pace and consider what is important in life. Looking at what we have instead of what we lack leads to a grateful heart. God never gives us more than we can handle. He is never outdone in generosity. So, don’t fear. Trust, live simply, and surrender to God who knows what you need.

Listen to the calming words from our Mother Luisita, “Don’t worry. God will provide. Try to see the difficulties of life with serenity.” In this letter, her words are meant for you today. Read the rest of Mother’s letter.

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