April 15, 2020

Prayer is at the HEART of every aspect of our Carmelite vocation. Knowing the power of prayer and believing whole-heartedly the words of our Lord, “ask and you shall receive”, our sisters from California to Florida are uniting our prayers and sacrifices in the Heart of our Lord and asking Him to pour it out upon His people, especially those who are so deeply suffering at this time. This truly is the POWER OF PRAYER. In Him, what we “offer” and “offer up” somehow touches people all around the world. We will continue to have all day adoration, intercessory prayer for you and your loved ones.

One word that also comes to mind is UNITY. We are deeply experiencing this in our own community. We do love each other, we are united. However, unity and love are two areas in which the depths of meaning and expression can never be fully exhausted. As we struggle and suffer individually and together, we are moving into a deeper knowledge and understanding of what this looks and feels like. Through it all, we trust the good Lord will allow us to emerge stronger, loving more truly and experiencing today a unity that will bear fruit in the future generation of Carmelites to come.

There is always a deep hunger to experience peace, but even more so at this time. There is a void within each of our hearts which we constantly seek to fill. Our primary mission as Carmelite Sisters is to foster the spiritual lives of all those we meet. Separate from our corporate apostolates, there is also the impact of our work within social media. It is the “place” where millions of people “gather”. This service of feeding the soul is a space that knows no boundaries and will always have an unlimited audience.

During this COVID-19 life struggle, when people are not able to physically go to Church, we’ve opened the doors of our Chapel through live-streaming our times of prayer.

Literally, thousands of people have reached out to us seeking solace, seeking God. We have heard stories from countless people letting us know how we have helped them change their life, or how their experience with us has brought them closer to God. We’ve included some of their remarks for you below:

  • I’m in Anaheim, CA. I love coming across your posts. I recently made my way back to the church and I find what you share calming and inspirational.
  • Hello, I am from Kenya in East Africa. I love your post which are encouraging and inspiration. I also am comforted by your prayers
  • You brought God and the church to me this evening and I am very grateful for that. In life we don’t quite realize the profound impact we have on others so I wanted to tell you how much you had on my life today. Many thanks.
  • Your quotes posted, videos of life in the convent, and all other content posted here are a much needed light in an otherwise dark world. Thank you for lighting hearts on fire. Thank you and God bless.
  • As for your postings, I find in them an oasis in the day to today struggles that helps me in my faith so that I can bring my family to heaven.
  • Hello beautiful sisters – I’m in Australia. Your joy inspires me and I am so grateful that you are praying for us all the time.
  • Hi Sisters -I’m from Cranston RI – your community is a wonderful spiritual presence.
  • I’m from Italy, Lombardia, Torrazza Coste. Here all the people is fighting hard against covid19 and we are locked at home. My husband and I we can talk to our family and our grandson Samuel only on video called. Your smiles and the joy in your eyes are a blessing and help us entrusting ourselves to the Lord. Stay with us, share with us the Love: we need. Jesus we love you, save us! stay safe!
  • Dear sisters! I’m from Puerto Rico! Appreciate when share the love of Christ and the happiness of the life with Him! Thankful for your prayers.
  • I am from Colombia, hello sisters your love and pray help us in our faith, God bless you and pray for Latin America
  • What a treasure you are sharing! I am so grateful for this chance to worship from home. Jesus brings calm in the storm. The voices of the sisters are a soothing balm to my weary mind.
  • Hi I’m from Lebanon, I love the prayers and the quotes of Venerable Mother Luisita
  • From Louisiana and love you all so dearly. Thank you for your prayers and presence. Many things I could say but your presence on social media shines the light in the darkness of social media. Your witness through Instagram gives people a different avenue to face the crisis we are living in
  • I’m from Lanark, Scotland in the UK but originally from England where I grew up Anglican. The things that you share are so encouraging and I particularly like the quotes that you share. I’m not Catholic yet but I know I want to convert.
  • Hi! I’m from Houston, TX. I was raised Lutheran. My husband and I were married in the Episcopal Church. I’m leaning towards Catholicism. I appreciate your steadfast faith and love.
  • Hello I am a priest in the Anglican Church. Knowing you are there praying is a blessing
  • Hello, from Cologne, Germany. It is very important for me to know that you pray for all of us who sometimes cannot pray for various reasons. God bless you, sorry for the awkward English. Keep going!
  • I’m from Eugene, Oregon. I love reading about our beloved saints and our Holy days. Our priest says the Carmelites are like Aaron and Hur, holding up Moses’ arms so we can prevail, like Israel did. With thanks and love, you are always in my prayers.
  • Hello! I’m from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! As someone who is working to reconnect with Christ, this page helps me refocus my mind towards the Catholic faith when it strays into the depths of the internet.