By: Sister Jeannine Marie, O.C.D.

“Behold the handmaid of the Lord.” These words hold within them a depth of mystery one can hardly fathom. We all know that any celebration of Mary is first and foremost a celebration of her Son, Jesus. The feast of the Annunciation is such a celebration. What are the mysteries contained within this feast? Let us take a moment to look at Mary to find the mysteries related to her Son.

Mary was a young girl living a simple life in Nazareth when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her and turned her world upside down. She was asked to consent to one of the most sublime tasks – to be the mother of God! This is the first mystery – “The virgin will be with Child.” We can only imagine the expectant hush that fell upon the heavenly realm, as they awaited Mary’s answer. Why?

Because Mary’s “yes” would reverberate throughout the ages into eternity. For in her simple “fiat,” Mary would join heaven and earth together in the greatest of all mysteries – the Incarnation — “…and the Word was made flesh.” This humble maiden’s consent set in motion the promise made in a Garden long before, and the fulfillment of a waiting people.

Yes, Mary is the gateway to her Son. Let us honor her today as she always seeks to lead us ever closer to her Divine Son.