By Sister Jeannine Marie, O.C.D.

The month of April in our theme of “Family, Created for Love” brings us to the time of adulthood. We have moved from the miracle of birth to the new beginnings of infants and from the wonder of toddlers through the struggles of adolescence. We have arrived! Or have we?

We have settled in, our careers are set and now what? It is often the case that we can fall into a routine. Days can turn to weeks and weeks to years before we know it. The challenge is to not to just survive but to thrive! The Second Promise of the Sacred Heart may offer us a clue: “I will establish peace in their families.” Our Lord shows us the goal and assures us that He will accomplish it but what is our part?

Routine can be the enemy of spontaneity, wonder, and joy. These are all needed if we wish to cultivate peace in our families. The key to refocusing our energy to the “thrive” gear is gratitude. A grateful heart is open, free, and creative. The “same ol’, same ol’” can take on a new vigor. So this month, let’s be open to all the newness, wonder, and beauty that is before us. Let’s find new ways to do “old” things. Let’s really thrive!