By Sister Carmelina, O.C.D.

Parenting toddlers and little ones can be daunting! There are so many things you are advised to keep in mind as you guide your growing child. Everything from self-esteem, discipline, manners, etc. For a Christian parent, however, there is another dimension that needs to be carefully developed: spiritual growth. And this depends directly upon your own personal prayer life and relationship with God.

Why not adopt one or more of the following ideas to improve your prayer life and assist in nurturing the spiritual life of your little ones. After all, these are their most formative years, which lay the foundation for their entire lives.

  1. Pray out loud so your child can hear you praying for them, family, and friends.
  2. Pray with and for your children; especially entrusting them to Our Lady and their Guardian Angels.
  3. Read daily Bible stories to them, especially of how Jesus loves children and the poor and sick.
  4. Pray the rosary in the home and in the car.
  5. Use your personal example to show your children the power of apology and forgiveness.
  6. Remind them of some of the keys from Kindergarten: share everything, play fair, say you’re sorry when you hurt someone, notice the wonder of God’s creation around you.