By: Sister Timothy Marie, O.C.D.

Spiritual Motherhood – Can You Answer My Question?

Not long ago, I typed “spiritual motherhood” into the search bar of my computer. It is such an intriguing concept, being a spiritual mother. It has an aura of mystery, it seems to me. A kind of spiritual fragrance when you say the words. The concept has intrigued me for many years. Of course, I understand completely that Mary, Our Blessed Mother, is the spiritual mother par excellence. But what about the rest of us women?

What captivates me is the thought of women in general having this gift of spiritual motherhood. How many women have actually thought of themselves as spiritual mothers? It seems to me that most women understand that title of MOTHER is all-embracing. So, of course it would include the spiritual as well as all other aspects of child rearing.

Mother Luisita, the foundress of our community, is known for her spiritual motherhood. Priests, men and women of all ages and all states in life would come to her with trust and openness. They would bare their souls to her, knowing full well that she would take their confidence in her seriously and prayerfully. They would wait for her comments and words of advice. It was a sacred relationship, one which she held with many, many people, and especially with priests.

So when I put “spiritual motherhood” in the search engine the following came up, showing me how Our Lord has brought this spiritual gift into the forefront in this twenty-first century. These are only a few of the first sites that came up on the screen:

  • 5 Things To Know About Spiritual Motherhood
  • Testimonies and Reflections – Spiritual Motherhood
  • Quotes – Spiritual Motherhood
  • Spotlight on Spiritual Motherhood
  • Prayers and Spiritual Offerings for Spiritual Mothers
  • Church Documents on Mary, Women in the Church and Spiritual MotherhoodM/li>
  • Book Recommendations – Spiritual Motherhood and Womanhood

And the list went on and on. I found it interesting that these first web sites that came up were all Catholic. So, I’d like to invite all of you reading this blog to join me in my reflections on spiritual motherhood and think about why our Lord is bringing it to the forefront in the here and now, in our day and age, in this twenty-first century.

For myself, I have come to one conclusion already. The spiritual component of our society, our culture, is so often forgotten, neglected, or purposely put aside. And that leaves an emptiness within the soul, an emptiness that searches for the good, the true, the beautiful, yes, for God.

I’d like to end with a question, one that I’m currently meditating on. “Are all women called to be spiritual mothers? Or is it a special gift given by God to some?” I’m still praying and thinking about this question. What do you think?

I invite you to reply to this blog with your thoughts. God bless you and Happy Mother’s Day!