By: Sister Carmelina, O.C.D.

“Surrounded by your glory, what will my heart feel? … I can only imagine when all I would do
Is forever, forever worship You …” (Bart Millard)

The greatest consolation when a loved one, or we ourselves, encounter or approach death is the anticipation of meeting God face to face and basking in His love forever; free from the pain and hardships of this life. As St. Therese said: “Yes, I’m like a tired and harassed traveler, who reaches the end of his journey and falls over. Yes, but I’ll be falling into God’s arms.”

Throughout her life, Mother Luisita was daily in prayer, from her early family formation through her years as a wife, widow, and foundress. She spent endless hours in profound prayer, motionless before the Blessed Sacrament where she found her ‘heaven on earth’. This is what sustained her through the uncertainties of life. Her prayer became even more intense as God prepared her for the final step of her earthly sojourn on February 11, 1937.

Today her life has become a model of holiness in the single, married, widowed and religious life, and continues to reflect the beauty and uniqueness of her amazing life. We, her daughters, can ‘only imagine the glory she is now enjoying, and encourage you to ask for Mother Luisita’s intercession. Her heart, so full of compassion, so experienced in each of the states of life, so confident and trusting in God’s designs, will not fail to help and guide you.