By: Sister Carmelina, O.C.D.

So many people looking forward to retirement find that health and other circumstances can turn the anticipated ‘golden years’ to new challenges.

Mother Luisita, who suffered many physical and spiritual trials throughout her entire adult life (especially in her later years), always placed her trust and confidence in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and accepted the challenges as part of her own ‘walk with Jesus’. From the anxiety of forming a new religious congregation, to the daily threat of death and the horror of the religious persecution in Mexico, to the anxiety over the constant dangers and deprivation faced by her daughters, to her own physical sufferings of kidney failure and other maladies, Mother never wavered in her peace of heart and soul, giving her religious daughters an example of true holiness and perseverance in the ‘midst of the storm’. In the face of all this, she would gain her strength before her Eucharistic Lord, praying transfixed before the Blessed Sacrament for hours. This was her ‘powerhouse’ of strength and peace to accept and deal with these trials and challenges. Though God didn’t ‘calm the storm’, He ‘calmed her’ to remain at peace in its midst. And He will do the same for you.

Following her heroic example, our daily Eucharistic Holy Hour is a prime opportunity to intercede for the needs of others and find our strength to serve Christ in His Church. In our various ministries of senior healthcare, education, and retreats, we encourage others to place their trust in the Merciful and Sacred Heart of Jesus as they encounter their own ‘storms’.