By: Sister Maria Olga, O.C.D.

Let us welcome aging as a gift from God showing us the many years of being loved and cared for by Him.  Even though our bodies and mind begin to slow down, we know that our hearts can continue to grow in youthfulness and wisdom by the life experiences that come our way.

The “spirit of youthfulness” needs to be nourished by intensifying the exercise of some of the following:

  • Deepening our daily prayer life
  • Continue to grow in virtue
  • Maintain a sense of humor
  • Music and love of nature is a way of releasing the hormones that create positive feelings
  • Try to learn a new skill/hobby
  • Build a sense of creative imagination
  • Be consistent with stretching exercises and another physical exercise

May our Lady of Grace be our model in living each moment of every day as she did to the fullest of our ability, giving God the glory!