By: Sister Immaculata, OCD

Assigning certain patronages to a particular saint is a long-established Catholic tradition, and is usually assigned because of a certain connection to an occupation, status or state of life, country or affiliation that a saint had.  For instance, St. Matthew the Apostle is the patron of bankers, Blessed Margaret of Castello is the patroness of those with physical handicaps, and St. Cecilia is the patroness of music and composers, while St. Rose of Lima is the patroness of Peru.  Indeed, there is no shortage when it comes to finding a saint companion who will gladly walk by your side and intercede on your behalf for whatever your particular needs are because he or she already walked the same path.

Did you know that our community’s foundress, Venerable Mother Luisita, also offers such intercessory friendship to those who bear the cross of infertility? Prior to becoming a religious sister, Mother Luisita, at age 15 in obedience to her parents’ wishes, married Doctor Pascual Rojas, a prominent physician twice her age.  The couple had a happy life, using their resources to serve the poor, while growing in ever greater love of God.  The one great sorrow in their life was that God did not grant them children.  However, the couple’s trust in God did not waver and instead decided the poor would be their children, building the Hospital of the Sacred Heart to serve the less fortunate.

Mother Luisita died in 1937 and in the ensuing years has proven to be a powerful intercessor, particularly for women desiring to have children.  We invite you to click the following link to read the story of one such woman who has turned to Mother Luisita, seeking her companionship and intercessory help as she deals with the cross of infertility.

The Cross of Infertility

If you or a loved one are bearing this cross, here is a prayer asking for the intercession of Mother Luisita.