By Sister Carmelina

“I can fly higher than an eagle, for you are the wind beneath my wings.”
The pain and disappointment of being childless can only be understood by those who have suffered this sadness. Mother Luisita is one who can relate to this sorrow since she also was destined to bear this cross. Her young, nurturing ‘mothers heart’ was broken when she and her husband realized they would not be able to conceive. After much prayer, they were blessed, not with biological children, but with the inspiration that “the poor would be their children”. By God’s grace – ‘the wind beneath their wings’, – Pascual, a medical doctor and Luisita his assistant, would dedicate themselves to caring for the children and families of the poor in their town in every possible way.

After Pascual’s death, Luisita, with her new Religious Community of Sisters, would carry on their work, and expand it to education as well. As a couple, they were able to experience the joy and fulfillment of ‘vicarious’ parenting through God’s faithfulness, and to Luisita as a widow and foundress, by the sustaining and creative grace of ‘mothering’ her religious daughters as well.

Many have experienced the power of her intercession to conceive they’re longed-for babies and the growth of their families. Her loving and understanding heart empathizes with this deep longing and frequently obtains this gift for those who entreat her prayers. She is still a ‘Mother’ in heaven and is a special person to pray to for the blessing of children.

May you find in her an understanding and compassionate heavenly intercessor.