To our beloved and respected cofounder, Cardinal Timothy Manning: You were a missionary who came from Ballingeary in County Cork, Ireland.

You heard and responded to a call for priests in America and so you came.

In 1938 you were appointed as secretary to Archbishop Cantwell. From that year until your death in 1989 you were our respected mentor and friend. You taught us so many things about the United States. You helped us work our way through the paperwork of the archdiocese and beyond. We learned so much from you!

You were there in Rome during the Synod of the Family, 1980, when Mother Luisita, our foundress, was introduced as a candidate for canonization. And you led us through the process of becoming an autonomous institute of Pontifical Right in 1983 with the name Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles.

If anyone knew details about our Community, it was you who knew us and shepherded us for fifty years—as secretary to Archbishop Cantwell, to Cardinal McIntyre and during your term here in the archdiocese as our cardinal.

And this tribute to you wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include our dear friend and mentor, your secretary, Monsignor Clement Connolly. Like you, he knew us first as the secretary of Cardinal McIntyre and then as your secretary. After your death, he didn’t forget us. Quite the opposite. He has been our faithful friend and brother through both good and tough times. His impact on our community will be felt for generations to come.