The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

by Sister Mary Joanne, O.C.D.

In the second grade class that year there was a young man who was a very religious, very prayerful, smart little boy.

We decided to have a treasure hunt at the last religion class of the year so that the children could hunt for treasure – the real Treasure. Little clues were planted along the way to direct the children along the path leading to where the Treasure was hidden. The first clue took the children to the statue of the Blessed Mother. The next clue took them to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Additional clues led them to the bleachers, then to the library, with the final clue leading them to the Treasure.

We led the children out of the school grounds and over to the parish center. As they approached the chapel, they kept their eyes wide open for more clues. When we arrived in the chapel, the children quickly realized that the Treasure they had been seeking was right there. They genuflected, taking their places in the pews and knelt down to quietly pray.

After a short while, the little boy previously mentioned, turned to his teacher and said, “I see Jesus.”

The teacher smiled and replied, “Listen to Him.”

A few more minutes went by. He turned once again and said, “Jesus told me to do something.”

“Do it,” the teacher urged.

With that the little fellow got up and went to the monstrance, bringing it very carefully just a bit closer to the edge, so he could kiss the base of the monstrance. He then gently pushed it back in place and returned to his seat.

A beautiful, innocent act of faith.