We Sisters have just recorded a new album, “Mercy Rushes In.” With the Year of Mercy ending on November 20th, we wanted to capture its essence in a way that we could go back to over and over again! And that is something like Advent. Advent is a way to recapture the expectation of the waiting world for the coming of Christ. Each Advent we wait anew. We savor the Advent readings and enter into the Advent stillness that we may prepare ourselves to receive Him anew into our hearts. Our foundress, Mother Luisita, used to like to say, “May our infant Savior be born anew in your heart!” May His mercy rush upon you this Advent and bring you fresh graces of His great and faithful love.

Just a few weeks ago, as I celebrated Thanksgiving on the heels of the truly Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, I thanked Our Lord for the many graces of His abundant mercy and very especially for the priests that were His instruments of mercy – for me personally, family members, Community and co-workers.

I am grateful for the many times I received His mercy through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, homilies, conferences, spiritual guidance and the gift of Himself in the Eucharist, which means “thanksgiving.” During the Year of Mercy, I was blessed to be able to witness to the joy of one who received His mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, after a lapse of 20 years, to watch anxiety levels lower of first time retreatants as their retreat master took of time to patiently listen and answer their questions, and the reassurance to know that a beloved family member would receive the Anointing of the Sick during a time of grave illness.

As we come to the end of our Advent season, let us all remember that even though the Jubilee Year of Mercy is completed, it is not over. Now, each of us who has experienced His mercy is called to be mercy to others, Praise God! Or as St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, our newest Carmelite saint puts it, “To be a praise of His glory!” A blessed Advent to you.

Maranatha. Come, Lord Jesus.