Saint Teresa of Ávila, Saint John of the Cross and Saint Thérèse of Lisieux are the probably among the most well-known saints from the Carmelite order. However, the Carmelite family has been richly blessed with many other saintly men and women who might not have the name recognition of their better-known counterparts, but are nonetheless ready to be our spiritual companions, to encourage us, and are pleased to share their own unique manner of living their Carmelite charism in the hopes of bringing us ever closer to Jesus Christ.

In anticipation of the feast of All Carmelite Saints on November 14th, we will share a “novena” of nine Carmelite saints you might not have met yet. The lives of these less-famous Carmelites still serve as examples to us and they can teach us something new and different about the beautiful spirituality that comes to us from Carmel, and how the wisdom they freely share can make an impact on those of us still making our journey toward God.

Novena – Day 9 | Blessed Josepha Naval Girbés

Blessed Josepha is an especially wonderful role model because she herself lived in the secular world, and well understood its distractions and attachments. Despite these allurements, she chose to follow God’s will in all the ordinary circumstances of daily life.

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Novena – Day 8 | Blessed Maria Mercedes Prat

On July 23rd, Mercedes, together with another sister were arrested. The two sisters endured hours of questioning, intimidation and threats, yet they refused to recant their statement that they were religious sisters, fully aware that for this, they would suffer the penalty of death.

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Novena – Day 6 | Blessed Mary of the Incarnation

In 1601, Barbara was introduced to the writings of St. Teresa of Ávila, and shortly thereafter began having mystical experiences with the saint, who told her that God wanted her to introduce Discalced Carmelite nuns in France.

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