An excerpt from Moments of Grace

“Are You a Real Nun?” by Sister Timothy Marie

Our purchases were rung up easily enough. I wrote in the amount on our check and gave it to the sales clerk. That’s when it all began.

“But we don’t accept two-signature checks here,” the young woman informed me.

“Ma’am, we’ve been coming here for many, many years – our convent is only a few blocks away – if you would check with the manager, I’m sure you’d discover our check is good.”

The manger isn’t here today.” She looked at me long and hard. “How do I know you are a real nun?” she questioned.

“I am a REAL nun,” I responded, hoping my Irish temper would remain hidden during this conversation.

“But, I don’t know that.” The customer line was getting longer and the people were staring at the two of us. That’s when the inspiration hit me to show her I was a real nun….

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About the Book

  Moments of Grace   

   Paperback – June 21, 2015
   by the Carmelite Sisters 

Saint Teresa is said to have remarked, “From silly devotions and sour-faced saints,  good Lord deliver us.”  Deep reverence and a zestful approach to one’s spiritual life are not mutually exclusive. While sad and bittersweet moments are a natural part of life this side of  Heaven, the stories contained in this new book reflect the humor and laughter, joy and love of life that is such an integral part of the life of every one of the Carmelite Sisters – proof positive that in order to be holy or saintly, one does not have to be cranky and sour in disposition.

We pray that the pages of this book will warm your soul and bring a smile to your lips!