Last year an ad company publicized an advertisement for a job and then conducted real interviews via webcam.  Can you imagine reading an ad for a job which required you to be at work 24/7, no breaks, no vacations?  A job requiring constant movement, including bending, lifting, and fast reflexes, degrees and experience in medicine, psychology, project management, finance, and the culinary arts?  Pay?  No.  This is a volunteer position.  Most of the applicants responded with some variation of,  “Who in their right mind would take this position?”  The interviewer responded “Billions of people are doing it right now.”  Who?   Mothers!

We want to tell all mothers THANK YOU for supporting, encouraging, guiding, forgiving, comforting, and just plain loving your children even their least “lovable” moments.  We also want to give you a word of encouragement for those moments when it seems like your children are not listening, when you wonder if they notice anything you do, when you question whether this child will ever make it to adulthood…they hear you, they see you, and the love that you give them is taking deep root in them.  Someday you will see the fruit of your labors…even if someday is the eternal Someday of Heaven.

Here are some of the things we learned from our moms when they thought we weren’t looking…

I learned from my mom that SETBACKS never need to become DEAD-ENDS.
~ Sister Regina Marie

One of my first memories was my mother giving me a rosary and over and over again teaching me how to hold the crucifix, make the sign of the cross while holding it, and to kiss Jesus at the amen.
~ Sister Timothy Marie

My mom taught me to drink in the beauty of creation: the intricacy of the little bugs, the majesty of sunrises, and the tenacity of desert wildflowers.
~ Sister Faustina

I learned about the importance of intercessory prayer through her example. Every day when I came home from school, she would be sitting in her chair praying her rosary and other prayers which totaled about an hour of prayer.  I also learned about the power of redemptive suffering while watching her offer all her sufferings during the five years of her final illness.
~ Sister Mary Joanne

One thing my mom taught me was the importance of serving the poor.  For as long as I can remember my mom served at a soup kitchen and later she did Meals on Wheels.
~ Sister Elizabeth Therese

My mom taught me more by the way she lived her life than by her words. One thing she showed me was that faith was indespensible for life. She also taught me that it is important to listen to people.
~ Sister Mary Kathleen

Whenever I would wonder if something in the fridge was still good, she would say, “When in doubt, throw it out.” This translated also to material things in general. My mom gives me a beautiful example of detachment.
~ Sister Marie-Aimée

My mother taught me to respect and be friendly to others, regardless of race and/or color, by her example.
~ Sister Maria Milagros

My mom has a way of gently, continuously applying love that ultimately wins, melting all resistance. She showed me what God’s love is like.
~ Sister Juanita

I learned from my mother the importance of prayer and that our faith is the center of our life, especially the Most Holy Eucharist. As a family we prayed together daily.
~ Sister Joseph Louise

From my mother I learned the spirit of self-sacrifice and loving self-giving. My brother was very sick all his childhood and my sisters and I helped her with him. Through her devoted care, he survived a deadly disease. She never complained and adjusted her whole life to take care of him and us three girls.
~ Sister Madonna Joseph

My mom said…

“There’s a place for everything and everything in its place.”
~ Mother Judith

“Good looks are only skin deep.”
~ Sister Mary Joanne

“Always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.”
~ Sister Janelle

“Do you think we own the Edison Company? Turn off the lights.”
~ Sister Vincent Marie

“Beauty is what beauty does.”
~ Sister Elizabeth Therese

What did you learn from your mom?