God’s Active Presence

Throughout the Pandemic


The transcendentals, goodness, beauty, truth, unity point us to God.

Throughout the pandemic, YOU have made visible His love and His presence has been tangible. We’ve experienced your goodness, we’ve become more united, we’ve grown in a deeper understanding of the basic truths of life and we’ve seen beauty all around us through your many acts of love. God reward you!

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Walking in Truth


There is something about trials that strip away what is false. We can put on a good face and play the part for a while, but inevitably when the pressure increases, the truth will come out…



“Never have I known such good and generous people”
~Venerable Mother Luisita

With Deep Gratitude...

Our Friends at the Order of Malta

The Goodness of Giving



“What a beautiful mission God has entrusted to you.”
~Venerable Mother Luisita

The Beauty of the Ordinary

The Beauty of Community Life

The Beauty and Gift of Friendship



“Isn’t it true…we have to do the will of God and onward!”
~Venerable Mother Luisita

Walking in Truth

I do believe in God

Resting in the Arms of St. Joseph



“We must look for the strength that pours forth from union…”
~Venerable Mother Luisita


Rejoice in Hope

United with our Educators