Lesson Two

Theme: Called to be Leaven in the World
Topic: The Vocation of the Laity

Students will recall that there are different vocations in the church. They will identify the characteristics of the vocation to marriage and the laity’s mission of building up the Kingdom of God by their family and occupation in the midst of the world.

Additional Student / Classroom Resources

Video: What Are You Looking For?

2.5 min video by Chris Stefanick asks life’s big questions: Where are we going? How does the journey end? With all the paths to choose, does it matter which one I pick? Is there a right way to live? He encourages us seek the answers to these questions in our relationship with Jesus.

Video: St. Gianna Beretta Molla

5 min video a model of holiness for wives and mothers, St. Gianna heroically embraced her vocation to love. This video shows her tender relationship with her family, her dedication to the poor as a doctor, and the heroic sacrifice she chose to make for her youngest daughter.

Blessed Pierre Giorgio Frasatti

6 min video, Pierre Giorgio is a favorite among young Catholics. His lively personality and social life is very relatable. Even as a young man, his love for the Eucharist spilled out in his hidden service to the poor. His life remains a model for those who seek holiness in their everyday lives.

Resources for Parents & Teachers

Catechism Icon

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catechism of the Catholic Church: especially paragraphs 871-873, 940-943

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Link: Bld Pierre Giorgio

Website with information about Bld. Pierre Giorgio

Link: St. Gianna

Website with information on St. Gianna