High School | Lesson One

Theme: Called to the fullness of happiness
Topic: Four levels of happiness

Students will identify humanity’s ability to love as our greatest dignity and joy. They will recall that God has a design for their life which will lead them to the greatest happiness and holiness.

Additional Student / Classroom Resources

Video: Four Levels of Happiness

(5 min) video introduction of the four levels of happiness

chart icon

Chart on the Four Levels of Happiness

From PrinciplesAndChoices.com, a chart describing the four levels of happiness

Video: Are you Happy?

(2 min) animated video on our desire for true happiness; are we looking in the right place?

Resources for Parents & Teachers

Catechism Icon

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Catechism of the Catholic Church: especially paragraphs 27-30

Article: Four Levels of Happiness

article by Father Spitzer