Sister Mariella

of the Eucharist (Klein), O.C.D.

I would like to thank Our Lord for the gift of my vocation to our beautiful community of Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles.  And also I want to thank my parents who loved us children so much, and gave up many, many things so that we could have the Catholic Faith, a good Catholic education, and other things to grow up as loving persons. And for my Sisters here in Carmel, whom have helped me, formed me, grown together, worked, suffered and laughed together. This is family… and includes all my Sisters who have gone before us, Mother Luisita on, Saint Teresa, St. Therese, etc. 

Get to know Sister:

Where did you grow up?

In Los Angeles County, first in L.os Angeles City proper, then when 4 years old to the city of Norwalk, CA.

In one word, how would you describe your time as a religious?


What drew you to Carmel?

The Sisters’ prayer life, happiness of the Sisters.

What tips do you have for younger religious on how to persevere in their vocation?

JESUS! Jesus is your Spouse. And He alone is your love, joy, and peace. Hang on to Him no matter what. Keep this spousal love alive in your heart especially before the Blessed Sacrament. And remember the grace when you first realized you were called by God. Keep this grace alive in you. And Determined determination as St. Teresa says, no matter what the devil throws at you.

For you personally, what does it mean to be a Carmelite?
To be a Carmelite means to live out the ideals of Carmel in one’s life. Our Lady of Mount Carmel is our Mother, Sister and Guide, our Model who leads us to Jesus. Our prayer life is preeminent since it unites us to Jesus closely. And our love for our Sisters and charity in our apostolic works.