Our beginnings…

A look at the history of our community, with its motherhouse in Alhambra, California, reveals how its life-giving presence has come about.

During the beginning decades of the 1900’s just as the epic Mexican revolution was subsiding, a ruthless religious persecution was gaining momentum in Mexico.
In the 1920’s during the revolution and religious persecution in Mexico, our Foundress, Mother Maria Luisa Josefa of the Most Blessed Sacrament became a light in that darkness of confusion and hatred. She established schools, hospitals, and orphanages. The very persecution which sought to destroy her work only spread it to another land, our own United States. Her ideal of combining contemplation with apostolic love taught her daughters to cling to God in mind and heart, while associating themselves with the work of Redemption and spreading the Kingdom of God. This horrible persecution accompanied the birth and humble beginnings of our community, a legacy that Mother Luisita, our foundress, and her two companions brought with them as religious refugees entering the Unites States in 1927.
Those seeds planted by Mother Luisita, now a candidate for sainthood, have taken deep root in the United States since those early days. People and places have changed throughout the years, yet the heart of our mission remains. As an autonomous religious institute since 1983 we continue to carry out our loving service in our healthcare facilities, retreat houses and schools which remain to this day centers of life and hope.
Today we are moving forward together “Educating for Life with the Mind and Heart of Christ” in schools, being “At the Service of the Family for Life” through health and eldercare and “Fostering a Deeper Spiritual Life” through individual and group retreats. At the heart of our vocation is a passionate mission of loving service which facilitates our life-giving encounter with the living God. On July 1, 2000, our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II promulgated that Mother Maria Luisa Josefa be called Venerable, which means that it has been proven that Mother Luisita practiced her virtues to a heroic degree. She is now a candidate for beatification which requires one miracle through her intercession.