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The season of thanksgiving is upon us again. In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, we pause to give thanks to God for the countless blessings He has showered upon us, recognizing He never abandons us; that He truly walks this journey with us. In gratitude, it is natural that we want to share our blessings with others, to “pay it forward”. Giving Tuesday is a wonderful and easy way to “pay it forward”.

Remembering the Carmelite Sisters on Giving Tuesday is a meaningful way of sharing spiritual blessings with others at a uncertain time when so many are seeking the truth, beauty and consolation that can only be found in God. By remembering the Carmelite Sisters on Giving Tuesday, you personally join in our mission of making known to the world the infinite love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for every soul. No gift is too small. Each thoughtful gift has a significant and lasting impact on the lives of those entrusted to our care. We prayerfully invite you to join us in bringing the light and love of the Sacred Heart to all who seek Him. We thank you for your love, friendship and gracious support. May God bless and reward you.

“To you…we give special thanks
…for the charity expressed through your gift.
It is nothing less than giving us the means to sustain ourselves.
May God be blessed and may He bless you.”
– Venerable Mother Luisita


Giving Tuesday is right around the corner – well, almost around the corner! – on November 30th, but this is the just the opportunity to get a head start in sharing your blessings by giving now. Fill out the form below to GIVE TODAY. Your generous contribution supports all aspects of our life and works. Please be assured of our profound gratitude in partnering with us in our mission of making known to the world the infinite love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus through our apostolic works of eldercare, education and retreat work. Your gift can be given in memory or in honor of one of our sisters. God reward you!