What is Giving Tuesday?

The festivities of Thanksgiving have concluded and the focused bargain-hunting of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also over (more or less).  Today is Tuesday – or more precisely – “Giving Tuesday”.  What is Giving Tuesday?  Simply, it is a day dedicated to giving back, when we take a momentary break from the hustle and bustle of shopping to lend a helping hand to others; it is a day to celebrate generosity and selflessness.

Will you be a Giving Tuesday Hero for our elderly Sisters? 

For us Sisters, the most treasured gift within our community are the lives, holiness and wisdom of our Sisters who have spent 60, 70 or more years giving whole-heartedly of themselves in serving God’s people.  And in spite of the natural slowing down that comes with advancing age, it does not diminish the fervent prayers of our elderly Sisters on behalf of you, our friends and benefactors.

On this Giving Tuesday, we hope to raise funds to purchase a specially-equipped van that will make it easier for our elderly Sisters to get out and about in attending to such basics of daily living as keeping a doctor appointment.  Many of our elderly Sisters have little or no mobility, relying on walkers or wheelchairs, which make transport in a regular passenger vehicle cumbersome.  A specially-equipped van would be a tremendous blessing for transportation for our elderly Sisters.  Our goal is to raise $60,000 for such a van.

Will you be a Giving Tuesday Hero for our elderly Sisters?  Your support toward our goal to purchase a van to make transporting our Sisters easier will truly be a gift that will have a long, lasting impact.

In return, know that you will be remembered in the daily prayers of our Sisters – our veritable powerhouses of prayer.  May God reward you abundantly!

After you donate, show your generosity on your social media platforms. A simple social media post with #CarmeliteCruiser can go a long way in spreading the message.

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