Free Book Week

Thank you for your overwhelming support! Our free week has finished and we are so blessed from your wonderful outpouring of love! If you are still interested in reading our books, they are available for purchase through the links below

Experience the moving story of Mother Luisita’s heroic adventures and learn her secrets of holiness. It’s a story that will renew your confidence in the loving protection of God, strengthen your spirit, and – as Mother Luisita’s secrets of holiness did for her and her spirit, and – shield you from temptation and deliver you from evil.

Moments of Grace Book

Moments of Grace is a 350+ page collection of funny, inspirational, heart-warming short stories from the lives of the Sisters. It’s a look inside the convent walls. A joyful companion for your life’s journey. A delightful gift for people of all ages and walks of life. A wonderful way to be inspired and uplifted