For us Sisters, the most prized treasure within our religious family are our elder Sisters, whose lives of holiness and wisdom serve as models and sources of inspiration for all of us. They have dedicated their lives to caring for the youngest infants, creating a home for orphans and teaching children in our schools, nursing the elderly, welcoming those seeking to reconnect with God during spiritual retreats, and so much more. However, with advancing age comes a natural slowing down, and the labors in the Lord’s vineyard are gradually assumed by our younger Sisters. As a community, we strive to keep our elder Sisters integrated in our community life – a life they have lived for 60, 70, and even 80 years. Not only do we help them participate in and enjoy daily community activities, we try to ensure their needs of daily living are met, as well.
As 2017 draws to a close, and our thoughts turn toward Christmas and New Year’s festivities, many of you might also be considering year-end charitable donations that can be included in 2017 tax returns. Rest assured that the generosity you have shown us, especially to our elder Sisters, is remembered with heartfelt gratitude. And as for our elder Sisters, advancing age does not diminish their fervent prayers on your behalf, our friends and benefactors!
If you are planning to make additional charitable gifts this year, please consider a gift to benefit the needs of daily living for our elder Sisters. Please be sure to mail your gift so that we receive it by December 29th or fill out the form below. We also gratefully accept your prayers and know that you and those closest to you are remembered in the daily prayers of all the Carmelite Sisters.