For Your Spiritual Enrichment

From a Mother’s Heart

Heart to Heart – Mother Luisita

Carmelite Maxims on Prayer

Alter Christus

Despite these challenging times, we must keep in mind that God is in control, and His love is ever-present. In the midst of uncertainty, gentle reminders of God’s abiding love encourage, and bring comfort and solace to the heart, and this is something we want to share with you. During this time, we are offering four booklets for free to any who would like a copy or would want to share them:

  • From a Mother’s Heart – a collection of wisdom contained in letters written by Mother Luisita reminding the reader of God’s great love and plan for each one of us.
  • Heart to Heart – Mother Luisita – a collection of quotes gathered from the writings of Mother Luisita on various topics including gratitude, prayer, trust in God and many others.
  • Carmelite Maxims on Prayer – brief reflections and quotes on prayer from your favorite Carmelite Saints that will enhance your own time spent speaking with Our Lord.
  • Alter Christusa token of thoughtful and prayerful support for all priests and seminarians, this collection of spiritual maxims serve as a source of inspiration, strength and consolation for priests and seminarians to lead them into ever deeper union with the One from Whom all strength, peace and consolation flow.
    Please note: this booklet is only available to send to a priest/seminarian and will be shipped directly to the recipient.

We are offering these booklets free of charge. If, in your kindness, you are able to send a donation to help offset shipping costs, we would be most grateful. May God reward you as only He can!

Our apologies, this promotion is only available to ship within the continental United States.