My beloved child,

So, you are feeling depressed? And sad? I understand that you are feeling as if your soul is troubled. Is it true? I’d like this letter to be as close as possible to a real face-to-face visit with you. Ay, my child, I can’t agree with you! You can’t behave like this with God. You tell me you feel as though God has left you and I’m telling you – don’t worry for He is there by your side always watching over you. He doesnt forget you for one single moment. I assure you, He loves you dearly and on His return – for you say He has left you – Hes going to give you everything you need or He will have it sent to you. Just remain faithful to Him. He sometimes seems to test our love. Never forget Him. Pray. Have a heart-to-Heart talk with Our Lord about how you are feeling and He will give you courage and consolation. Write to Him daily telling Him everything you are going through – whether sadness or joy – but don’t omit anything. Let Him see that you are loving and submissive to Him whatever He ordains.

Try to read some little book that will console you. Reading helps very much. It’s an ointment healing all the wounds of our souls which can be even more painful than those of the body. I know that you might be overwhelmed with sadness right now, but if that state is filling your soul with merit before God, what does it matter if you are deep in sorrow? Sorrow is very natural, but now don’t be foolish.

There is no doubt that at times we can be our own worst enemies. Maybe it is because our self-love makes us see little mosquitoes as if they were elephants, or perhaps it might be that we lack submission to the will of God. I do know that this happens when we neglect prayer, mortification, and humility, but if we ask Our Lord for these virtues, we will receive them. I want you to be happy and at peace in all circumstances of this life, offering Our Lord your sorrows and your joys because everything comes from His loving hand from the good of our souls.

So now, don’t allow yourself to become overcome by sadness. Sadness is a most undesirable companion and an even worse advisor. And don’t be thinking so much about the future. The future belongs to God, Who loves us very much and gives us whatever is best for us. You remind me of a little foolish child by thinking so much and then getting so upset about things. Don’t do that any more and try to always be happy and joyful in whatever setting God permits for you. Prayer and more prayer.

My child, do not feel alone because you are not. Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament wants to be your Confidant, your Friend, your Consoler. He wants to fill your soul with His Love. Perhaps that is why He is making you feel the emptiness of creatures. How good our God is and by how many paths He leads souls! Do not doubt it! You have been very dear to Him, and it is only natural that He will be very jealous with those souls He loves so much. He wants you all for Himself. Blessed be God! Let it all be for God! In my opinion, we need much prayer, clinging to Our Lord very strongly and trusting everything to Him.

Above all else, may God’s peace be with you. I am a little beggar before Our Lord, always asking Him to look over you.