A Letter from Mother Luisita to read during times of Worry and Anxiety

Be very united with Our Lord so that your prayer may be continual, and at the same time, full of confidence in God. Be entirely at peace. What we have to do, myself included, is to become saints, to perfect the ordinary deeds of daily life and to live only for God.

Let us bless God always and for everything, that we may remain happy and at peace even in the midst of thorns. Let us bless God, our Lord, in all and for all! Whenever sorrow enters your life, lift up your soul to God, offering it up to Him. Never separate yourself from Our Lord. He is always giving you proofs of His love for you. He loves you very much and, in return, you should love Him with all of your soul.

Peace, it seems to me, is an indispensable factor if we are to have life in our souls. Lack of peace is harmful to you. Try to allow peace to come back to your soul, praying to Our Lord for that grace. Every day you should be spending half an hour if you can, or even less, with the Blessed Sacrament asking Him for His help and presenting Him all your difficulties. As God, He knows everything; talk to Him as you would talk to a Father. Try not to lose God’s peace or His presence. May you receive the consolation that comes from Him alone.

Keep well, my child, and be what you are supposed to be – a saint! Take care of yourself. Write me when you can. Pray for me and may God bless you.  God our Lord will help you if you place everything in His hands and pray much. When you place everything in His hands, He will do everything, and very well! Look to God, your soul, and eternity.

-Venerable Mother Luisita
Text from: Mother Luisita’s Letters – From A Mother’s Heart