My beloved child,

How good our God is, always watching over His children! We should rest entirely in His hands, understanding that His eyes are always upon us, that He will see to it that we lack nothing and grant us anything that we need, if it is for our own good.

Let Our Lord do with you whatever He wants. Let Him mold your soul in whatever way is pleasing to Him. Try to be at peace within your soul, freeing yourself from fear and worry and allowing yourself to be guided by your spiritual director.

With all my heart I am praying for this intention for you – that God will grant your soul many blessings. This is my greatest desire for you – that these blessings, like the valuable rain, will help the seeds of those virtues most pleasing to of God our Lord to germinate within your soul, embellishing it with virtue. Let us rid ourselves of those tinsel-like virtues that shine but at the least touch fall apart. Our holy Mother St. Teresa taught us to be as strong as oak trees, not like straw that is always knocked down by the wind.

I have as much concern for your soul as I do for my own (I think I am saying too much), but it is a reality – I am deeply concerned in an extraordinary way for you.

My child, try to see all things as coming from God. Receive everything that happens with serenity. Humble yourself, asking Him to do everything for you and continue working with tranquility for the good of your own soul which is the most urgent thing for you to do. Look to God, your soul, and eternity, and for all the rest, do not preoccupy yourself. For greater things you were born.

God will provide for all of our needs. Let us trust that we will receive all from Him who loves us so much and is always watching over us! As you try to see all things as coming from the hand of God, adore His designs. I would like to see you have more trust in Divine Providence. Otherwise, you will be suffering many disappointments and your projects will meet with failure. Trust, my child, only in God. Everything human is changeable and the one who is for you today will be against you tomorrow. You see how good our God is! We should have more confidence in Him every day and have recourse to prayer, not permitting anything to discourage us or make us sad. He has given me so much confidence in His Divine Will that I leave everything in His hands and I am at peace.

My beloved child, let us praise God in everything because all that happens is for our own good. Try to fulfill your duties the best you can and for God alone and always remain happy and serene in all the tribulations of life. As for me, I have placed all in the hands of God and I have been successful. We have to learn to detach ourselves a little, trust in God alone, and do God’s holy will with joy.

How beautiful it is to be in the Hands of God, searching His Divine Gaze in readiness to do whatever He wishes.

Good-bye, my child, and receive a loving embrace from your mother who wishes to see you.

– Mother Luisita