by Sister Isabelle, O.C.D.

Lift high the Cross!!!

There we can see what it looks like to love even unto death. There we can see what God is to the core – PURE LOVE. As we watch the firefighters work day and night to save our lives, we can see His love incarnate once again. This is what He has called me to be too – love incarnate… and you too…and all who take His name at Baptism, all Christians. What a tremendous example He gave of noble loving. He says to us all, “Whoever wishes to come after me must take up his cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:24).

Today on this special feast, we run in His footsteps, setting our wills firmly in union with His. As one body, united in one act of worship, we Carmelites renew our vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, a solemn offering of our lives to God. We have heard His call to follow Him wherever He goes, and this means His Way of the Cross. The Cross is the greatest sign of love you can find. A love that contradicts the painfulness and ugliness of our selfishness and pride; a love that forgives our sins, our own loveless actions that scar our hearts and those of others so deeply.

We, too, are called to be a sign of contradiction in a world that has forgotten God and rebels against Him. We are being healed from sin, which blinds our hearts to see what true love is, by gazing upon the Cross of Christ. There at the Cross, we see the lengths that God will go to prove to us that He truly loves us, that He forgives us for everything. God is the best fireman; He is always willing to face the greatest fires to save His people! He lays down His life to save us. Gazing at the Cross, hear the call we received at our Baptism to go and do likewise. Let us light up our world with the love of Christ, the good type of fire that brings healing and hope!!!! Let’s fight evil with good!!! Let’s console the wounded hearts of our neighbors with the selfless, pure love of Christ Crucified living in our hearts.